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Sea Levels Rising Fast on U.S. East Coast

Charles Q. Choi for National Geographic News Published June 25, 2012 Sea level rise on the U.S. East Coast has accelerated much faster than in other parts of the world—roughly three to four times the global average, a new study … Continue reading

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Study Confirms Global Warming’s Existence

An independent investigation of global warming solidified that global warming remains supported by scientific evidence, leaving skeptics speechless. This study represents that most comprehensive independent review of historical temperature records to date. Compiling more than a billion temperature records dating … Continue reading

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Blue Coal

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Newly discovered planet may be first truly habitable exoplanet

The star Gliese 581 hosts an Earth-sized planet (foreground) that orbits in the star’s habitable zone. Artwork by Lynette Cook. Discovery at UCSC  suggests our galaxy may be teeming with potentially habitable planets A team of planet hunters led by … Continue reading

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