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I’m not necessarily choosing sides, though as somewhat of an environmentalist I certainly lean toward putting a stop to mountain top mining for sure. However, we must ask ourselves this very important question: “Why is it that mountain top mining even exists?” Well, the answer is, “because there is a great demand for it.” Not … Continue reading

Hoppy Kercheval is a F***ing Idiot

Hoppy Kercheval is a F***ing Idiot From this piece which also ran in the Daily Mail: “The days of the selfish coal baron living in the big house on the hill peering down at the poor workers below are long gone.” Christ on a stick, people. Did Hoppy forget about this guy: Don Blankenship literally … Continue reading

Friends: You might be interested in this recent commentary about cap-and-trade by MetroNews TalkLine host Hoppy Kercheval. – Randy Maggard

Climategate has killed cap-and-trade By Hoppy Kercheval THE Washington power play to pass cap-and-trade legislation is deflating like a punctured balloon, but all the air is not out of it yet. According to Reuters, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a climate legislation supporter, told environmental leaders in a private meeting last week that “cap-and-trade is dead.” … Continue reading

Mountaintop Removal Stops Here

Twilight, Boone County, WV It’s a wonderful place to be for now… Thanks to multiple mountaintop removal permits, Twilight is the next community on Route 26 to be threatened by extinction! OVEC is interested in helping to restore the pride in Southern WV communities and their rural lifestyles. We recognize that these are some of … Continue reading

Surface mining allows cattle to graze on land previously unusable say proponents

By Debra McCown | Reporter / Bristol Herald Courier POUND, Va. – Danny Cantrell’s cattle graze on a green pasture above his Wise County home, with a panoramic view of tree-covered mountains. Until a few years ago, the 60 acres of steep land was worthless, even for timber, he said. Then surface mining opened it … Continue reading

The amazing mayfly mess

The amazing mayfly mess The reality television show “Dirty Jobs” could have done a segment at the McKinley Park Campground this week. If you think your job is bad, just be thankful you’re not a summer youth worker in Breitung Township this year. This week, the three young workers have had the unenviable task of … Continue reading

Manchin promises review of coal critics’ complaints

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Joe Manchin on Monday promised to review citizen complaints about lax enforcement of strip-mining regulations and urged the coal industry and its critics to discuss their differences without resorting to violence and intimidation. “What we’re looking for is trying to find a balance,” Manchin said after a private meeting with coalfield … Continue reading

Bear Family Releases Coal Country Music – Appalachia Benefit Album


“Where is Ross Perot when you need him”

These people who believe in global warming and villification of industry should wake-up and smell the coffee. Global warming is a scientific farce, and, villians live in Washington D.C. or Copenhagen. Our jobs are going over seas and they don’t have any EPA standards over there. Where is Ross Perot when you need him.

Post from DIANE

Dear Randall, Thank you for expressing your side of things. My family is from Mingo and Wayne Counties, and I have nothing against coal miners or responsible mining. However, I am a mountain person and am unconvinced that the flattening of their tops is a justified practice. There is no doubt that vegetation will regrow … Continue reading


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