The day after – Earth Day: The West Virginia Speeches (transcripts)

Senator Manchin –  none available Governor Tomblin – none available Wendell Berry: ‘People Who Own The World Outright For Profit Will Have To Be Stopped’

Ode d’ Cheney

Long years we suffered, with Cheney as vice; For those who remember, he wasn’t too nice. He has a new ticker; they replaced it all With a bleeding one from a donor liberal. He began to see colors the very first day; Now he understands rainbows and his daughter who’s gay. He realized that green … Continue reading

Things are not always as they seem.

Mother Teresa Yet another myth debunked. Just goes to show, once again, when something is too good to be true, it usually is: – While the order owned several ambulances, they were used primarily to transport nuns to and from places of prayer. – Mother Teresa said that her order fed 4000, 5000, 7000 or … Continue reading

Coal should stay in ground where it can’t do harm

This guest column David Haberman, professor of religious studies, at Indiana University, and posted in the Herald Times. On Monday, April 2, a group of students representing Coal Free IU delivered a study of the coal-fired power plant titled “IU Central Heating Plant: The True Cost of Coal” to IU President Michael McRobbie that highlighted … Continue reading

Who’s Monitoring Fracking Wells and Pipelines? Nobody

As we here at DeSmogBlog have been covering in exhaustive detail for quite some time now, there is virtually no safe way to perform hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for unconventional oil and gas. Fracking has been linked to numerous problems, including the release of radioactive molecules that cause an array of health problems, earthquakes and groundwater … Continue reading

Climate Gate and Climate Debate Daily – two sites to know about before you believe anything written there..

CLIMATE GATE: A group of hackers recently broke into the email system at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), one of the leading climate research centers in the world. The emails have been leaked to the public, and are being touted by global warming deniers, including the website Climate Depot, as evidence … Continue reading

Dear Senator Manchin

Dear Senator Manchin: I read an article in the Charleston Gazette this morning where you expressed concern about the number of jobs that would be lost if environmental protections to protect public health and safety that the EPA has approved move forward, and your vow to fight these protections: My family has long lived … Continue reading

“Religious” Right’s Rejection of Science is Baffling

By David Suzuki Is the world getting nuttier? Looking at recent events in North America, it’s hard not to conclude that humanity is taking a crazy step backwards. I recall a time when science and scientists were taken seriously, but lately they’ve been getting knocked around, especially in the U.S. and Canada. The State of … Continue reading

Post to Mari-Lynn Evans

I think what you are doing in the cause of the mountain top removal issue is very honorable and noble. I am from West Virginia… Wheeling. I can’t help to think that there has to be a way to take this matter to a Federal Court by means of a civil action or etc… It … Continue reading

To Walt from Joe

Hey Walt, Which other industry had 29 deaths on their books recently? Name one, I’ll wait. Also, I hope you’re not connected to the land there. Because the coal industry is making sure that your grand kids will be moving away due to lack of jobs, or else becoming those welfare drug addicts you seem … Continue reading


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