Germany Produces Record-Breaking 14.7 Terawatt-Hours of Solar Energy In Six Months!

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Solar Panels on Historic German Home Photo from Shutterstock

In 2011, Germany’s photovoltaic power reached just 19 Twh for the entire year, 5 Twh shy of productions during the first six months of 2012. The ambitious spike in solar power consumption is thanks to a boom in solar systems being installed across the country, with more being constructed each day.

In just four months, the Germans have installed an additional 73,756 solar power systems across the German countryside, with more sprouting up each week. Combined, the new systems have an output of 2,328 megawatts. German homes and businesses already are responsible for 1.2 million working photovoltaic plants, which have been installed over the past few years with no incentives other than clean energy.

In 2012, Germany will have reached a total of 28 GW of solar power capacity, which far exceeds other countries of its size. With Germany’s lead, solar energy will reign in as the third largest source of renewable energy, and possibly push past wind power and biogas should other countries take lead and follow suit.

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2 Responses to Germany Produces Record-Breaking 14.7 Terawatt-Hours of Solar Energy In Six Months!

  1. Citizen Harry says:

    But how could that be? Walt says that solar power is failing in Europe? What? Walt is wrong again? How could that be?

    • Walt says:

      Be patient Harry just be patient. The German government is still subsidizing the solar industry over there, just wait until the government stops subsidizing the industry. Last month the German Parliament voted to massively reduce the solar subsidies starting in 2013, which according to experts will all but shut down the photovoltaic market.

      One solar company in particular Q-Cells, once employed 10,000 has filed for insolvency is now struggling to survive, many others following the same path.

      Now Harry, I ask you does that sound like a booming solar industry?

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