From Adam’s Rib

I would remind the millions of people across this country who, daily, second by second, enjoy and benefit from hundreds of years of scientific study, research and insight they so cavalierly, due to ideological/religious bent, dismiss the pressing issue of global warming as a “conspiracy,” the true consequence of their myopic stance.

I would remind them that the same science that gives them Fox News, their blow dryer, stainless steel, their car, their telephone, their roads, their air conditioning, their plumbing, their refrigerator and the very food on their table is the same science that tells all of us that we, not as a nation, but as a species, are in deep, deep trouble.

I would remind them that without the science they so abhor, we would be living, literally, in the same world our distant ancestors lived out there in the bush, or the desert, or the jungle, or the brutal steppes of Siberia.

Wake up, folks. I dare you to look out your kitchen window and deny what’s going on before your very eyes. I dare you to deny the cause of this mess we’re in. You gonna believe some hack politician or your own eyes?

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