West Virginia takes four times longer to get the power back on than other states.

The US Dept. of Energy reports that West Virginia’s average time to fix a power outage is Power 439 minutes per customer, as compared to the national average of 120 minutes. Until 2009 WV had no standards for enforce rules for utilities.
Donald E. Walker. a WV engineering technical analyst “Very little, if any, improvement over the current issues causing outages will change and the infrastructure will continue to deteriorate.”
Walker compared data from Upper New York state which has a similar power grid infrastructure. “The causes for outages loosely track the percentages found in West Virginia, although the percentages of trees and equipment failures causing outages are similar, the reliability indices appear to be much better. Other states with comparable operating conditions to those found in West Virginia reflect similar statistics found in the New York performance report, it is therefore reasonable to expect utilities in our state to achieve the more stringent reliability index targets recommended by staff.”

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