Billionaire Jim Justice vows to allow water taken from Greenbriar Golf Resort, and food from their garden… if someone from the government would only come to pick it up.

I wanted to write in to this blog to tell about how billionaire Jim Justice is seen here telling everyone how lucky the locals are near the Greenbriar Golf resort, as utilities were restored quickly. And how his resort has plenty of water to give to the disaster efforts as well as food from their Greenbriar Garden. The only problem was that he needed the government to send trucks and make it happen. Let me ask you… what would  Ross Perot do? Organize a rescue mission maybe?

Now I don’t know if you might feel the same way I do, but given that people and children are starving without water in 100+ degree heat, if I had a billion dollars at my disposal, I’d probably have more to say about what I was personally going to do to help my home state of West Virginia. But, hey… golf has to go on no matter what. Right?

By the way: More on the PGA classic party going on in the midst of a food and water and gas shortage…: “People need to know the real story behind Jim Justice. Jim Justice and his buddy Joe Manchin worked out a deal so Jim Justice could buy the Greenbrier resort for a bargain price. Part of the deal involved a union strike when Governor Manchin had responsibility to respond to the demands of the striking workers. Manchin allowed the value of the resort to deteriorate so Justice could buy it at a bargain price. Justice sold his Bluestone coal company to the Russians around the same time. Now Jim Justice is hiding as a criminal coal operator with close ties to Don Blankenship as he puts on a show for the world at his Greenbrier Glassic PGA Tour Golf event.”

Citizen Harry

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13 Responses to Billionaire Jim Justice vows to allow water taken from Greenbriar Golf Resort, and food from their garden… if someone from the government would only come to pick it up.

  1. Walt says:

    Are you serious? Here is a man who is offering water and food to those who are without and all you can do is criticize him for not doing enough? If I’m not mistaken Mr. Justice developed Bluestone into a valuable resource, one in which the Russian’s thought was worth the investment and for this you label him a criminal.

    Comments like this really bring out your true color Harry.

  2. Citizen Harry says:

    Yep, my colors are Red, White and Blue. Any true American patriot knows the score when it comes to Billionaires that are friends with Don Blankenship, and his cronies. FYI: Greenbriar’s water and garden can’t feed 19 counties in West Virginia. And what I’m saying is that any Billionaire worth his salt, and understanding the situation would do more than offer water “if the government would send trucks”. Give me a break, Walt! If anyone is showing his true color here, you are again! Black as the coal sludge that your friends slog into the waters of West Virginia. Too bad some of those hungry and thirsty folks in the backwoods without power can’t even sit in their creeks anymore, as that would be more dangerous than sitting in the heat without a drink. Why don’t you comment on the earlier post that shows what the people are going through? How about Tomblin and Manchin giving him preferential treatment? Justice says so himself! Why is this disaster not publicized in the media as much as the Colorado fire? Because rich people are lost their properties there. It’s all about money, Walt. Nobody gives a shit about West Virginians, and least of all Billionaire Jim Justice.

    • Walt says:

      The only reason you are upset with Justice is because he is involved with the coal industry otherwise you would be singing his praises. Why aren’t you chastising other wealthy people?

      Trust me I know what everyone without power is going through, I was one of them. How long were you without power Harry?

      Why bring Blankenship into the discussion? Is it because you have a man crush on him?

  3. Mari-Lynn Evans says:

    Do you have any of that kool-aid you are drinking left? 200,000 people in WV are without power and many have had no food or water for 7 DAYS.

    • Walt says:

      What in the world are you going on about? Mr. Justice offered his assistance and you and Harry are making lite of his efforts, at least he is trying to help. How have you helped during the last week?

  4. Agree says:

    Justice issued a statement today admitting that The Greenbrier received priority treatment over local residents to get power and tree removal. I was in the southern part of the state today and listening to a local radio talk show and people were calling in from thru out the state outraged at Justice. He also said that PGA players would be donating money for water & food, but that won’t be until they all get to town and after the money is counted and food & water is purchased, it will be next week. Hopefully everyone will have power by this weekend. People need these items today, not next week.

  5. Jus' Sayin says:

    I agree with you and my prayers are with all of you! What bothers me is that Jim Justice invited everyone to come on and enjoy the concerts and the PGA as if nothing has happened or as if nothing is happening! I live in Delbarton Wv and will NOT be coming to Lewisburg for any of the concerts that I have tickets for! The gas there should belong to you-Also the ice and water that comes into your town! We were hit by the same storm and my parents and sister still don’t have power at any of their homes.
    Shame on Jim Justice and any of the “PGA Players” that do anything in your town except roll up their sleeves and help! The PGA should be boycotted and Jim Justice should allow the event ticket holders to reedem their ticket money or donate the money owed them to the citizens of your town and surrounding area!

  6. Hayseed says:

    Let’s face it, all the wealthy people have a very good understanding of the golden rule and politics.
    Those with the gold rule the government and all it’s resources.

  7. Fed Up says:

    The only thing that JJ cares about is his bottom line. It would have cost him thousands if the event was canceled, which it should have. The needs of the many should have thanken prioriy over the needs of the one. To have resoures diverted for his little show is sad. And this goes back to Tomblin and Manchin to make it happen. Then JJ is on the news today saying he will give his scraps to help thethe people. U need to help yourself out of WV

  8. WV Lady says:

    WV is a good old boys state, if you have money you a get any thing you want. Intead of doing all the bitching, WE THE PEOLPE need to to be heard. We need the national media attention. It is our coal miners that dug this coal for our electric,it is our coal miners that died for this electric, are WE THE PEOPLE going to sat back and let this happen. Does anybody in this state still have balls. WV we are all in the same boat, now are WE THE PEOPLE must take a stand, if anybody knows anyone in the other counties, please call them and lets take a stand the old WV way.

  9. For Real says:

    Im so sick of hearing his name our kids our out here living in heat and he has the guts to get power to the greenbrier SICK we have kide and old people out here with no power and have to put up with the heat,,,,I dont get food stamps and i live week by week and for the people who do get foodstamps they lost them i just trash 300 worth of meat thanks jimmy I cant belive jimmy wants money so bad he would still let the shit go on we have so many people that needs food ice and water but jimmy is going to give out a lil money and ice and water HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOUR SELF JIMMY FOR REAL

  10. Citizen Harry says:

    I’m glad you know why I’m upset, Walt. I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the things I wrote that explained my position. But, to reply to your blanket statement, yes, I’m upset about Jim Justice or anyone that is corrupt to benefit themselves, especially at the expense of others. Since you’re so willing to put words in my mouth, I’ll put some in yours.

    “Walt doesn’t care that big government is corrupt, and uses the little man to profit, as long as they get what they want.”

    My state didn’t receive the beating that the east coast did. But I’ve lived through no power because of a tornado. So I am pretty aware of what happens. Unfortunately, there was not a PGA golf course nearby with a Billionaire owner who got favors from my Governor, so I had to wait until the rest of our county got power back up when it happened.

    Why Blankenship? Because he was integral in deals with Justice’s coal deals that got him friendly with the corrupt government of West Virginia. I guess it really doesn’t matter much about Blankenship now that he’s in hiding, and doing all he can to not have to pay for his crimes against nature and humanity.

    • Walt says:

      In your first comment you brought in Blankenship and his cronies, then you bring in the coal industry when neither have anything to do with the situation. Comments like these made your true intentions very clear, convince everyone that “anyone who is involved with the coal industry is corrupt.”

      Someone has to be first, whenever power is restored after an outage, and unfortunately someone has to be last. Would you rather they kept everyone’s power off until everyone’s was ready to be turned on?

      Everyone should know that, “Harry doesn’t care about the environment if he did he would be telling the same misleading informatuon against others as he does against the coal industry.”

      So, you weren’t even in the storm, yet you are condemning those that were and the ones offering assistance. One question Harry, when your power went off after the tornado, did everyone’s come back on at the same time or did they bring sections back on when they were ready?

      You are an amazing man Harry, I mean for you to live in the mid-west and you know everything about Justice and Blankenship, about their deals and their business affairs.

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