State of Disaster in the Mid-Atlantic region: Please check on your friends and family, especially those in remote rural areas, the elderly, and those with chronic medical conditions. No power, phone service, gas, water, or food stores open in much of WV. Call your representatives and encourage them to see that an effort is made to supply water, food to areas hit hard by this combination storm/heatwave.
It is estimated that many areas will not get power until next week, with continuing record heat and more storms on the way.
Below are firsthand accounts from different areas. These are mostly from people who have been able to make it to cell service, areas with power. There are still many areas incommunicado.
Wendy Johnston:
My friend at work has a son in the National Guard – he is in the Summersville Army Corp heavy equipment operators. They have not been mobilized. He has spent the weekend helping the local fire department here. As far as she knows, none of the National Guard is on the ground.
News From Kayford:
We just wrapped up the July Fourth Festival on Kayford Mountain. and we were able to utilize people up there to help Stanley Heirs Park recover. There has been structural damage to 4 cabins up there (ranging from relatively minor damage to a porch to full out tree through a camper), but everyone up there is in good health. The gas lines and Tudor’s / fast food joints are flooded most everywhere it seems like still. The interstates were fine (at least between Charleston and Exit 79 on I-64/77) with tolls open and working and busy. Cabin Creek Road is still impassable (as of about 3:30 PM) from about Miami to Cabin Creek, with crews working the road. It was open from Miami to Kayford, though (with branches around and one point where a telephone pole snapped and is hanging over the road, cutting it down to one lame for about 50 feet), Kayford Mtn Road was passable on the Cabin Creek side Saturday after Larry’s family was able to remove down branches, but was impassable until Sunday morning (as of this afternoon it’s only really passable by trucks).
Marilynn Evans:
Some of the most vunerable and medically fragile people live up remote hollers in WV. Today will be another blistering hot day. Please make sure to check on friends and family in WV. People have no gas to get to cooling centers or shelters that have been set up. No one knows what is happening, only rumors since there is no communication in those areas. 79 and Rt 50 are all open with no cars .
I drove into WV Saturday. There is nothing open from Rt 50 in Parkersburg to Clarksburg. Then nothing open, no gas, no food or water or open stores from 79S until Servia. Family without water. Well pumps not working and Sutton water supply not on generator so concern even that water will run out. People in hollers have no phones, no gas, no way to call for help. I did not see one emergency vehicle on the roads all day on the 8 hour drive. Cars stranded at gas stations, trucks without fuel. Medically fragile people trying to get to hospitals or community centers. Those on oxygen and dialysis vulnerable. Braxton Co Hospital without ice, air, or way to cook food. Nursing homes of real concern.
Wilma Lee Steele:
Mari-lynn, we kept our power at Meador Hollow. We had no clue how bad it was. We went to a pig roast at Hinton yesterday and found out. Cars without gas are parked beside the roads. Gilbert, Justice, Pineville, Beckley, Fayeville, Oak Hill, Hinton, Blair , Summersville, were all without power. Ohio and Ky also have places without power. This morning the power was back on at Summersville, Beckley, Pinville, and Gilbert. We went to check on our new house – it was okay, but we lost a two year old wild cherry
Friend in Huntington WV:
Parts of Huntington have power restored ( not me)–downtown. Also Wayne county around Rt. 152. I didn’t go as far as Beech Fork Lake (Corps dam site) to comment on that. Ice is nowhere to be found from what I’ve heard. Lines for gas were long yesterday but not today. My basement offers respite from the heat if you know of any friend who is in need–it’s dark, but cool. I heard horror stories yesterday from my lifelong friend who had driven up Friday to stay at Watoga State Park. The storm hit them close to Lewisberg. They told of dangerous winds, flying debris, with no time to seek shelter. They ended up in a motel on Friday night with no power. They were provided a couple of candles & matches. They were unable to get any response fromWV state police or the state parks. Cars crowded with families were already lined up at gas stations without food or water when they got underway on Saturday. They turned around and headed to North Carolina once they found out that gas was available in Wytheville, VA.
The writing is on the wall…
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