Finally, a mega CEO that really gets it! Bob Taylor.

In this blog, for years I’ve tried to bring material that makes sense when you compare the cost of producing energy, and the cost on the environment, and peoples health. I’ve found that it can be very ‘black and white’ thinking on both sides. In this article, I’m going to address the coal industry, (or any corporation, for that matter…) that put’s cost in front of the environment, with no thought towards the sustainability of the future. Basically what I’m talking about here is greed. Coal is a problem, because it’s not sustainable. It  took millions of years to get here at all. But trees are sustainable, the rain forest is sustainable. And here’s a CEO that is not afraid to put his principles on the line over profit, and make a giant impact not only on the future of guitars, violins and other musical instruments that depend on this resource, but to help sustain the workers health, safety, pocketbook, and sustainability of their jobs.

This is the point that all CEO’s should ponder, and the world would begin to be a better place before it’s too late. I applaud Bob Taylor for his efforts to supply his company and other guitar builders without local bribery, and intimidation, and in a sustainable way for everyone. How his decision will impact the entire musical instrument industry, and (I love this part…) how he says here: (Workers) What we’ve heard is that you can’t use the trees with color… (Bob Taylor) “Well, starting today, we can.” (Workers) Who says you  can?  (Bob Taylor)I say we can… That’s the story I want to tell you. On that day I made a decision that affects the whole entire guitar world because I’m in a position to make that decision. I can’t in all good conscience know that we cut down ten trees to get one black one, and let that happen over and over, every day, every month, every year, just so we as guitar players can have black ebony. So the good news is, we found out that there is ten times the amount of ebony that is available.”

Please watch this video, and see what good business it is to be an evolved human being that just happens to be a CEO of a mega large company that can effect the entire world.
– Administrator

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