“Conservative” has taken on a new meaning

By Citizen Harry

Isn’t it funny how “conservative” has become such a silly way to describe those who want to keep banging the fossil fuel drum. Those that value profits more than the  natural environment, clean water, mountains, forests, and wildlife, and  ignore the true costs of these policies on the future of mankind are not “conservative”.   For many years these people have used labels like “communists”,  “traditional values” and “hippie tree huggers” to paint themselves as true patriots, and others as  pathetic ignoramus’s (unless of course, they have a chance to take their money).  So, sadly, “conservative” has lost it’s meaning.  It seems that the label “conservative” now means “selfism” more than any other time in history.

The long time whiners on this blog have sobbed that there is no way to replace coal, and that we desperately need things like Mountain Top Removal to feed our energy needs.  However, citizens have been demanding green energy solutions, and coming up with real solutions. All the while, we’ve seen that coal is being exported for money, miners safety has been compromised for profit, the environment, and even local coal producing economies have been treated with complete contempt by the coal industry and deep pocketed, paid for policy making politicians. And so, the name of true conservatism has been defamed by greed, and power to the detriment of our nation.

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