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New technology is here today

By Citizen Harry Though the whiners on this blog have complained for years that green technology is too “far away” in the future to make a change now, here’s a good example of human genius being put to work. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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“Conservative” has taken on a new meaning

By Citizen Harry Isn’t it funny how “conservative” has become such a silly way to describe those who want to keep banging the fossil fuel drum. Those that value profits more than theĀ  natural environment, clean water, mountains, forests, and … Continue reading

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A Biocentric Viewpoint is Needed Now! – David Suzuki

Environmentalism has failed. Over the past 50 years, environmentalists have succeeded in raising awareness, changing logging practices, stopping mega-dams and offshore drilling, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But we were so focused on battling opponents and seeking public support that … Continue reading

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New Study Predicts Frack Fluids Can Migrate to Aquifers Within Years

Major news outlets such as Bloomberg News, Business Week and Propublicaare reporting on a game-changing peer reviewed study commissioned by Catskill Mountainkeeper that predicts frack fluids can migrate into aquifers, directly contradicting the claims by the gas industry that these … Continue reading

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Stages of Denial: Water vapor is indeed a powerful greenhouse gas, but there is plenty of room for CO2 to play a role

Objection: H2O accounts for 95% of the greenhouse effect; CO2 is insignificant. Answer: According to the scientific literature and climate experts, CO2 contributes anywhere from 9% to 30% to the overall greenhouse effect. The 95% number does not appear to … Continue reading

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