Stopping Coal in Its Tracks: Historic Actions This Week

By Jeff Biggers In a dramatic lockdown today on the coal-hauling train tracks leading into the Marshall Steam Station, a half-century-old toxic coal-fired plant owned by Duke Energy on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina, legendary mountaintop removal activist Mickey McCoy and other Appalachian coalfield residents teamed up with Greenpeace and regional groups to launch … Continue reading

Stages of Denial: ‘Climate scientists dodge the subject of water vapor’– No, they really don’t

Objection: Climate scientists never talk about water vapor — the strongest greenhouse gas — because it undermines their CO2 theory. Answer: Not a single climate model or climate textbook fails to discuss the role water vapor plays in the greenhouse effect. It is the strongest greenhouse gas, contributing 36% to 66% to the overall effect … Continue reading


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