Ode d’ Cheney

Long years we suffered, with Cheney as vice;

For those who remember, he wasn’t too nice.

He has a new ticker; they replaced it all

With a bleeding one from a donor liberal.

He began to see colors the very first day;

Now he understands rainbows and his daughter who’s gay.

He realized that green was the color of leaves,

not the pigment of cash from a briefcase of thieves,

Haliburton made him lots of money from war;

Now Dick gives back his profits to help feed the poor.

His hunting days have just come to an end;

He’ll shoot no more ducks and no more of his friends.

He always got off on being a cheat,

but now all his cheeks are as red as a beet.

He’s traded Vice rank of a Presidential goon squad,

for the good golden rule given by a good God,

He repents now for his orders to Scooter Libby,

to lie about the existence of Iraqi WMD’s,

And now his heart fills with generous rebirth,

and he cries for the coal blasted out of the Earth,

Even now his new heart fills his veins with fresh air;

“If only we all could afford this prestigious health care!”

– Citizen Harry

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