Post to Mari-Lynn Evans

I think what you are doing in the cause of the mountain top removal issue is very honorable and noble. I am from West Virginia… Wheeling. I can’t help to think that there has to be a way to take this matter to a Federal Court by means of a civil action or etc…

It is and has been common knowledge for decades that the voting process in West Virginia is 100% corrupt and is getting worse. From babbling Bobby Byrd to Jay Rockefeller, these people are the enemy of West Virginia. Rockefeller is not a West Virginia native…but yet, he always finds his way back to the Senate in DC.

The State Of West Virginia has always been cursed and labeled as people that are sub-human and expendable, and the coal mining industry is to blame for that. Their labor practices, their corruption of political figures, their influence in the EPA and the list goes on and on. The State Of West Virginia was the only state in America that actually had bombs dropped on it by it’s own government due to the coal mines. Hell, I only know that because of your films. True life firefights with the coal mine henchmen, dozens of murders, stealing of land and contamination of the enviroment which resulted in mass deaths. With all this said…could there not be some form of legal action that can be pursued? The history of the coal mining industry in West Virginia would also be Their enemy.

There are many, many other resources and uses in West Virginia that a lot of people are not aware of, but our government does not do a thing and is planning to exploit them as well. Coal mining is just one of them, after the mining they will go on to the next phase of their master plan. West Virginia’s population will be decreased in a very large way, and I think personally that is what they too are actually trying to do. It is sad and heartbreaking to see this happening to my beautiful State Of West Virginia, I wished there was something I could do to end this criminal endeavour setforth by these scum bags. I thank you for your courage and your fight to try and make things in West Virginia better…you are and have my warmest regards.

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