Governor Tomblin fighting back about the EPA’s “war on coal” – By Citizen Harry

Politicians are supposed to represent the people. That’s what the founding fathers wanted, a group of fair minded people that would do their best to represent the will of the people. Now politicians are more worried more about their own jobs, and the stream of funds that come from aligning themselves with something the founding fathers knew nothing about, Big corporations, Big money, and Big Greed.

Of course coal is an important part of our economy, and provides energy for the nation. But any educated person knows that it’s an antiquated way of providing energy, as it pollutes, kills miners because of corporate greed, and creates health issues. The EPA is an organization that has the duty to put pressure on these corporations to keep them clean, and hold them responsible for what ills are created until we can move beyond this scourge on humanity. All we hear from the current politicians is the old pundit call of the flying monkeys – “war on coal! war on coal!”. It’s a continuing call of  propaganda based on the interests of the power politics of Appalachia, and not the will of the people.

It’s time that the negativity and finger pointing goes by the wayside, and politicians represent the will of the people to work together to bring the shadow of coal to the light of a new energy future.  If half of the energy wasted on keeping a dying and dirty industry alive were put into bringing new energy ideas to reality, we would already live in a much different place. People wish to live in a world where their mountains and forests exist in peace, their families are not forced to work in highly dangerous jobs, and their best interests are  represented by their leaders. These educated politicians should be challenging themselves to brighten the future of Appalachia, not to foster more of the same poverty, and sense of usery that abides there now. It’s a shame that instead of creating an atmosphere that we’re all in it together to move beyond dirty coal, we must choose sides, and fight those who put profits before people.

What’s the matter with our country? Could it be that this misuse of power that will finally end Abraham Lincoln’s dream “that the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”?

I’ll say again that term limits for politicians, and strict penalties for accepting bribes and monies from powerful corporations should be next on our agenda as free people that demand an end to hipocracy in politics.  It’s becoming more an more painful to see this sort of “us against them” cry of politicians and media, while the common people pay higher taxes to have them represent corporate interests.

-Citizen Harry


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One Response to Governor Tomblin fighting back about the EPA’s “war on coal” – By Citizen Harry

  1. Walt says:

    Are the politicians supposed to represent a small group of people or the majority of the people?

    Agreed coal is important to the economy, and is the major source of energy for several states and this country. However to call it an old fashion source is idiotic to say the least, since there is no other energy sources that can replace coal, sure other sources may be able to supply a small amount on energy, and someday may be able to replace coal but that day is decades away.

    It is sad to say that coal miners do die on the job, let’s not forget that 2011 had the second fewest mining deaths in history. The corporate greed comment is hilarious, do you really think the coal companies would spend large sums of money of facilities and infrastructure then in turn operate it in a reckless manner which threatens their investments.

    The EPA’s “War on Coal” is not propaganda, they are following orders from Obama who said during his campaign the he would bankrupt anyone who wants to build a coal fired power plant, which is also a strike against the coal industry. The EPA is also holding up mining permits by not approving 404’s and NPDES permits, these delays are disrupting companies mine plans going forward.

    The EPA is not only waging a war against coal, but they are also hurting other industries including farming and even private citizens trying to build homes. Simply put EPA has too much power and needs to be reined in before they control every aspect of our lives.
    It’s not often that I agree with you on anything, but I do agree on term limits for politicians.

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