Time to stop Mountain Top Removal as the country phases out of antiquated destructive forms of energy

Credit: Denny Tyler – Edwisght Mine

As the EPA gets tough on emissions from power plants that are polluting the air, creating major health problems, and causing untold death and suffering as well as much needed power, we can see a clear reflection of the industry in the destruction of the Appalachians.  The need for mountain top removal strip mining is only a reflection of greed, and easy money with complete disregard for the people of Appalachia and this country, as well as an attack on nature itself.

It’s time that all Americans consider the cost of energy, and demand a safe, positive change starting with ending MTR forever.  The coal lobby is bent on keeping the coal trains running, and politics is still being swayed by King Coal.

Please consider writing the White House about ending MTR immediately.



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