Lesson Plans: A Journey Up Coal River – from Aurora Lights

Aurora Lights, an educational organization based in West Virginia,  is excited to announce a new edition to Journey Up Coal River’s lesson plans focused on the Battle of Blair Mountain and current threats that the mountain faces. Aurora Lights has partnered with the Blair Pathways project, which is releasing a CD and a different set of lesson plans about Blair Mountain, in the creation of these new lesson plans.

Aurora Lights’ three-part unit is targeted to middle school students but is adaptable for use by other grade levels.  The three lesson plans in the unit are Labor History, Contemporary Threats to Blair Mountain and Working Together to Save Blair Mountain.  The lesson plans draw on both new and existing multimedia on the JourneyUpCoalRiver.org site as well as an interactive map of the Blair battlefield and video from the contemporary march on Blair Mountain. The lesson plans also pose a series of evocative questions about the impacts of mining on the mountain through both a historical and contemporary lens. Each lesson plan meets at least two West Virginia State Content & Objective Standards in Social Studies.

Please take a moment to check out these new lesson plans.  If you are interested in using these lesson plans in the classroom, or know of an educator who might like to use them, please contact us. You can also give us feedback on these lesson plans by filling out our Blair Lesson Plans Feedback Form, available on the Aurora Lights web site.
Funding to create this lesson plans and the maps were provided by the West Virginia Humanities Council.


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