“News” about EPA’s Lisa Jackson’s comments spun from the coal fired media

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson didn’t say that the “coal industry is on life support.” She wasn’t talking broadly about the coal industry. She was talking about aging power plants and noting, correctly, that many of them have been in service for decades and still lack the most advanced pollution controls.
However, the so called “Fair and Balanced Media” quotes her like this:

Reports claim that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson allegedly attacked the coal industry at an event Thursday, and now our lawmakers are speaking out.

Jackson reportedly said the coal industry is on life support, and she supposedly attacked Representative David McKinley’s coal ash legislation.

Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., blasted the top environmental officer in the Obama administration Thursday after allegedly saying the coal industry is on “life support.”

“The coal industry is on ‘life support’ for one reason only: Lisa Jackson and Barack Obama,” McKinley said. “It takes a lot of gall to sit there in her cushy Washington office – lighted by coal, in a building constructed with coal ash – handing down these job-killing regulations, and then turn around and claim the coal industry owes her a favor.

and the WV Metro News quote of Lisa Jackson:
In their [the coal industry] entire history — 50, 60, 70 years, or even 30 … they never found the time or the reason to clean up their act. They’re literally on life support. And the people keeping them on life support are all of us.


Don’t you just love the “fair and balanced” media? I agree that different “wings” (left and right) of the media can spin things whatever way they’d like, so it’s a problem in general here, and I’m not pointing fingers. But if you don’t take the time to really figure out what’s being said, and reported as “news”,  you’re probably being fed an agenda on a spoon.

I’m pretty sick of the “news”.  I listen to BBC on the radio when I want to follow up on an issue, or if I want to research it in other ways, I usually look for a transcript, so I can make up my own mind, and not rely on the biggest rip off in America – Cable Television. – hopefully food for thought.

For the entire article written by Ken Ward at Coal Tattoo click here

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