Exporting Coal – up 700% to China

With all the rhetoric about ‘keeping the lights on in America’, it’s interesting to know that China’s imports of coal has gone up a staggering 700%. West Virginia is benefiting short term from exports of coal overseas, however, what are the long term results on the economy of the state? Coal is dwindling in Appalachia, and most of the profits are not benefiting the local economies, other than the also dwindling job markets. And much of this coal is not even benefiting American energy, but being burned in countries where the restrictions on pollution are less, and demand is up dramatically.

So in the end, we have a more polluted world, profits going out of Appalachia, and dwindling long term resources for those who claim the argument that coal will be the only source of renewable energy for our country in the next few decades.

The arguments for coal as a viable energy resource for the United States is full of holes. The fact is that coal companies are only concerned with profits in the short term, and not with the long term effects on Appalachia or the U.S.

Establishing renewable energy sources such as solar or wind is the most undeniably important and pressing issue for the Health, Welfare, Economy, Security, and Future of the United States of America.

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One Response to Exporting Coal – up 700% to China

  1. Walt says:

    What rhetoric? Fact is coal does keep the lights on in America, or at least around 50%, and let’s not forget about coal that is used in the making of steel. China is starting new coal fired power plants on a weekly basis, so their increase in coal use shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. The United States still maintains coal reserves that will last nearly 200 years at its current production rate.

    I really don’t understand the comment that local economies are not benefiting, after all coal producing counties operate on monies that are derived from the coal industry.

    The simple fact is we do not have any other energy source to replace coal, and until we develop an alternative energy source we will have to keep coal.

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