Continuing rhetoric

“You wouldn’t have heard me begging for gratification or too be acknowledged, if I had been one of those that fought for a new school, all the while claiming it was for the children.” – Walt

No, Walt… I don’t see any posts here from the hero’s that fought tooth and nail for the new school asking for credit, or to get their names in the paper. I’m sure they’re satisfied with the new school, just not the method they had to employ to make this outcome happen. I just see people from blog posts on the outside questioning why it’s policy to hide their names, and not include them, especially since it was their hard work that made this happen. We all know that it’s completely obvious, and representative of the underlying issue of disdain, hatred and uncaring approach of the powers that be towards the folks and issues that are affected by this madness of MTR. No matter how much you twist it, everyone knows the truth, even those of you who publicly rant your rants. No words can change the fact that MTR is a blight against nature, humanity, and human dignity.

Like I always say… keep up your rhetoric, all of us that read this blog love getting a first hand taste of your unconscious ability to paint a clear perspective on the self centered pocket stuffing mentality of the power people we have to deal with in this country. It also helps to initiate discussions with our children about how NOT to look at the world.

Hopefully, there’s a few honest policy makers that are willing to be sensitive to the future of the planet, our country, and the people that live in it, rather than their own re-elections.
-Citizen Harry

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