Does it really make a difference who is invited?

Does it really make a difference who speaks and who doesn’t, who’s invited and who’s not. Isn’t having a new school built the most important thing? -Walt


Not having to build a new school solely because it’s near an MTR site would be a much more important thing.

Not having to be threatened, beat up, killed, spend time in jail, or go out and protest because you are getting nowhere asking for help would be good, too.

Not having to waste huge resources of funds in the state on building a new school because an existing one is a health risk would be pretty good.

Having politicians that ‘represent’ the people’s health and welfare instead of big coal would be a good start, too.

And to answer your question, no, it IS incredibly important who is invited. Being not invited is, in effect, a public declaration that the people that brought this about are insignificant, and speaks volumes about this situation. Inviting them would concede that non-violent protests, and civil disobedience are viable ways of fighting corruption.

It would be appropriate to honor those who spent their time, money, and energy against all odds and opposition by inviting them. Then it wouldn’t be blatantly obvious that their needs continue to be held as insignificant, and that the school is really being used as a platform for media hype about how ‘concerned’ and ‘generous’ the state and coal industry is about this situation. It would also show that it’s not political power being wielded here, but compromise and mutual respect.

So there is no mutual respect, when there could be. Yes, I think it’s truly very important to consider how things appear in between the lines, as well as in them, represented by “who get’s invited.”


And after all of these years, I thought it was about the safety of kids who attended Marsh Fork, not some dried up environmmentalist who wants to see their name in the paper. Here let me pat you on the back and give you an atta boy. Feel better now? – Walt

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