Shhhhh…. be vewy, vewy, qwiet… Clarification of the recent Ted Nugent posts

In reply to a recent comment here on this blog lately, I thought I’d write a blog post that explains posting the You Tube videos of Ted Nugent at the “Friends of America” rally and backstage with his “fans”.

This was not an attack on “Uncle Ted” personally, no need to do that… he’s quite capable of unconsciously attacking himself publicly just by the sheer hypocricy of his own comments.  It was, however,  pointing out for people to see what he said on stage about the coal industry, and especially back stage how he treats his fans. I think it reflects quite a bit about him, and anyone can see it for free on You Tube. That the ‘Friends of Coal’ tarbaby Don Blankenship would use him as their spokesperson when Ted feigns to be so concerned about wildlife, and the environment, it’s a perfect backdrop to show how confused Ted really is, and how big coal wants to paint a pretty picture. That Ted would take a check from Blankenship to spew his nonsense to the world is simply completely appropriate, and tells it’s own story very well. I’m so happy that someone like Ted Nugent would utilize his coal company funded free speech to clue us all in to what’s really behind all the American Flag draped camouflage.

I am the producer of a radio show about the outdoors, and I’ve had Ted on our show. I did call his office back after his speeches in W.V. and asked that he come back on our show to talk about MTR and coal, to which he refused. Apparently it’s one thing to be on stage with Don Blankenship, and Sean Hannity preaching to the Choir, and then having to hold your own with questions from the public. Probably he humiliated himself enough lately with his flaunting hunting laws, and spreading one sided rhetoric, and so doesn’t want to go on an “Outdoors” radio show that talks about the stewardship of the environment, natural resources, and our precious wildlife.

I’d certainly welcome his comments about calling his fans names, and refusing to sign autographs without pay. I don’t think even O.J. Simpson would stoop that low. He’s an ingrate, and his hailing MTR while speech-making constantly about his love of Fred Bear and the “Spirit of the Wild”  makes him an hypocrite in the tenth degree.  The fact that his hunting license is revoked, and that he’s banned from getting another one in around 30 states is another nail in his own environmental cross.

This bwog is admittedly wiwling to expwess opinions in cawtoon like fowrms, and Ted is the pewfect Elmewr Fudd.  And anyone is fwee to watch Ted’s You Tube pewformances on and backstage to make up their own minds about this sewlf admitted enviwon-Mental “Madman”.

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2 Responses to Shhhhh…. be vewy, vewy, qwiet… Clarification of the recent Ted Nugent posts

  1. Bo Webb says:

    The man (Ted Nugent) is a frigging pig! While I was in Viet Nam (Volunteered) answering Uncle Sam’s call this sonofabitch was pissing and shitting in his pants and not changing so he could be declared mental when he went for his draft interview. That is the truth. Now, the slimy, phony bastard wraps hismself in the flag and sucks ass with Shawn Hannity and the coal industry as they systematically go about poisoning Appalchia and our people.

  2. Dan says:

    Ted Nugent soiled himself for weeks before reporting to the draft board for Vietnam, while I was getting shot at by the North Vietnamese. I volunteered and barely made it out alive, while this “American” thought more of his own ass than his country. Just thought another point ought to be brought up about this coward. Or what we more reverently called people like him in ’67… “chickenshits”.
    Dan – based in the central highlands at Dau Tieng, 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division

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