Congressional Hearing scheduled for Monday, Sept. 26th in Charleston, W.V.

Charleston, WV :Congressional Hearing of the U.S. House Energy & Mineral Resources Subcommittee of the Natural Resources Committee
Monday, September 26, 2011
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Kanawha County Courthouse (Old Courthouse)
2nd Floor, Historical Courtroom #4
407 Virginia Street, East  Charleston, WV

The title of the hearing is “Jobs at Risk: Community Impacts of the Obama Administration’s Effort to Rewrite the Stream Buffer Zone Rule”.   The hearing will examine the Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation’s (OSM) Stream Protection rulemaking and its impact on jobs.  The Courthouse opens at 8 a.m.

The real issue here is not JOBS. Mountain Top Removal does not foster jobs in West Virginia. It has cost deep mining jobs, and is destroying the environment, water quality, and impacts the health and welfare of hundreds of thousands of people.  Please consider attending this hearing if you are interested in making sure that Congress understands that people will not stand for corporate greed, political corruption, environmental pollution, and extreme profits at the cost of Appalachia’s future.  The Stream Buffer Zone is an issue because coal companies want to expand their mining operations into areas where pristine streams will be open to being buried by “overburden”, or the waste that is blasted and bulldozed into valley fills. This is the real issue.

Mountain Top Removal strip mining does not create jobs. It creates profits at the cost of the mountains themselves.

Please attend and show that you support putting energy and money into new energy sources, and that you support the EPA in it’s basic fundamental reason for being. To protect the environment from misuse by profiteers.

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4 Responses to Congressional Hearing scheduled for Monday, Sept. 26th in Charleston, W.V.

  1. walt says:

    Only a misinformed idiot would claim that surface mining does not create jobs and take jobs away from underground miners.

    What pristine streams? How can a stream be pristine when logging roads and gas lines cover nearly all of Southern WVa., let’s not forget the thousands of sewer lines that discharge directly into the streams?

    In 2009 6,255 men and women were directly employed by surface mines in West Virginia, that means at least another 25,000 people were employed thanks to surface mining.

  2. Citizen Harry says:

    Spoken like a true “voice for coal”. I guess Walt’s local redneck speedway is getting close to shutting down for the season, since Walt is back from his hiatus, and is back to picking and choosing his fights carefully. I notice he didn’t have any comments about his buddy “the braininess” publicly paid voice for coal, Ted Nugent who was in this blog lately. I tell you Walt, you’re an obvious voice for coal profit engineering, and so I’m about as interested in your debunking of the real issues as I am are paying a dime for Ted Nugent’s worthless autographs. But I do understand that Ted “More Guns = Less Crime” & “Spirit of the Wild” Nugent might need that autograph money for imposed fines involving his unlawful hunting violations in so many states. Geeze… that’s very similar language to the coal companies having to pay for their fines in their “coal hunting” safety and murder violations. Hiring Ted to be the voice of coal was brilliant marketing on the part of Don Blankenship! And we get YOUR rubbish here for free!
    Citizen Harry

  3. Walt says:

    Why do I need to defend Uncle Ted? Uncle Ted is a big boy and can defend himself, however I doubt he ever visits this site and probably is unaware of your attack on him. If you really want to get his attention go to his web site and tell him how you really feel about his actions. But you won’t do that, instead you are content on posting your comments on an obscure web site where you know he’ll never read them.

    As usual Harry you refuse to challenge my comments. Why? Could it be because you know it’s the truth?

  4. Admin says:

    Mountaintop removal regulations and jobs
    According to MSHA data, the number of mining jobs in Appalachia has increased by 3.5 percent since the EPA began its enhanced review of mountaintop-removal permits in 2009, and 8.5 percent since the start of the 2008 recession. Grist argues that because underground mines employ more miners than mountaintop-removal mines for every ton of coal unearthed, stricter enforcement leads to an increase in mining jobs.[22]
    An April 2011 study, “Mountaintop removal and Job Creation: Exploring the Relationship Using Spatial Regression” published in the peer-reviewed Annals of the Association of American Geographers (subscription req’d), looked at GIS data of West Virginia strip-mine permit boundaries and compared it to population and economic data to see if being located near a larger mining operation made a community more likely to have large numbers of residents employed by the coal industry. They found that, contrary to pro-MTR arguments, “there was no supporting evidence suggesting MTR contributed positively to nearby communities’ employment.”
    The study said: “Our research question was straightforward: Is there a relationship between the size of MTR mining and employment, which justifies the ‘coal means jobs’ mantra? The results of the overall model suggested insufficient evidence to support a positive relationship between mine size (either MTR mining or underground mining) and percentage of the working population employed in coal mining. This finding casts doubt on the pervasive and dominant argument of MTR advocates.” The study noted that it looked only at direct employment by the mining industry, and not other local occupations that service that industry.

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