Open Letter to CNN “March on Blair Mountain” Jobs v The Environment, Mountain Top Removal Mining (MTR)

As a filmmaker whose footage is in this documentary, I will not comment on the merits of CNN’s “The March on Blair Mountain”. I know the CNN Producers and Ms O’Brien have received very harsh and critical viewer evaluations of it from the impacted MTR citizens, anti MTR activists, and many national environmental organizations including The Natural Resource Defense Council.
I would, however, like CNN to consider where the great disappointment and anger expressed at this film by impacted citizens of West Virginia originates. Maria Gunnoe, Larry Gibson, Chuck Nelson, and Bo Webb are all acting on an incredible sense of urgency to stop MTR, especially after the recent WVU health studies. They believe MTR is genocide. They believe they are being exterminated for corporate profits and that their elected officials are complicit. And that this has been taking place for generations.
You and I I don’t live under a MTR site. We have water we can safely drink. At least for now. Our neighbors are not dying in clusters from cancers and our children don’t have birth defects nor gasp for air because of asthma caused by coal dust. We have options and power. They don’t.
The fact that neither Sen Jay Rockefeller or Sen Joe Manchin would even comment on these health studies, let alone call for a scientific review and replicated study, just confirmed what they felt–no one cares about them. Their US Congressman Nick Rahall introducing HR 2018 just days after the health studies were released and it passing the entire House was a real blow.
How could they feel any cares about them. Their politicians who issue press releases nearly every day about the EPA or jobs, won’t even comment on the National Mining Association attorney’s dismissing the health studies because they did not figure in for “poverty and ‘inbreeding’. You must understand how they feel disposable. As Joe Lovett says, “people get in the way of mining.” In the Appalachian coal fields, America’s poorest and sickest people live on top of America’s richest land and resources. To me, that says it all.
I hope you will come back to the coal fields in the future. Come soon because these people may all be gone, along with their land and culture, in the next few years. Energy for America or hillbillies. I think the decision has been made. As Sen Robert C Byrd said, after 29 men died at the worst mining accident in 40 years at Massey UBB, once the mourning has stopped you will find that still nothing changes. And it hasn’t.
I won’t just miss my mountain home. I will miss my friends, like Judy Bonds. I will miss our way of life. It will break my heart when the coal fields are leveled in 20 years and all the coal has been mined. Nothing or no one will be left to remind the world that indeed once we lived and once we mattered.
Mountain Top Removal Mining is not an issue of jobs v the environment . It is an issue of corporate profits and corrupt politicians v the health and safety of human beings living under MTR sites in Appalachia. WVU scientists estimate over 11,000 people die in Appalachia each year because of coal. MTR mining provides less than 4000 direct MTR jobs in West Virginia. Does that mean, for every MTR job, we must accept that those jobs will cost each of us the lives of two or three of our friends and loved ones?
This is jobs v genocide. If you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand the story.

Mari-Lynn Evans
Executive Producer “The Appalachians”
“Coal Country”
“Low Coal”

   2010 West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year
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36 Responses to Open Letter to CNN “March on Blair Mountain” Jobs v The Environment, Mountain Top Removal Mining (MTR)

  1. Walt says:

    OMG!! Mary. What a load of bull, you’ve made several crazy statements before, but this one takes the cake.

    • mari-lynn says:

      Here are 10 key points I made in this response to the CNN “MOBM” documentary. Please point out ones that are not proven:

      1. Rockefeller and Manchin have not asked for the health studies to be reviewed/replicated. Nor even commented on them
      2. Dr Hendryx ( WVU) health studies show premature deaths, increased birth defects and increased cancer and other health problems around MTR sites
      3. Impacted residents believe MTR is genocide. Read Jeff Bigger’s article in Huffington Post and others where many of them make that comment
      4. Someone needs to determine if MTR is indeed responsible for these health concerns. NMA, WVCoalAss, FACES, nor any other pro-coal group has done no peer reviewed or any other health studies to contradict those from WVU
      5. Rahall introduced HR2018 and it passed the House less than a week after one of the WVU health studies were released (and ignored by him and the entire WV delegation)
      6. Attorney(s) for the National Mining Ass said the studies may be flawed because they did not account for “poverty and ‘inbreeding;. Not one WV politician named above even questioned that inflammatory, baseless, incorrect statement which the NMA pulled after complaints from journallists and impacted residents
      7. Coal field residents are among the poorest and sickest in America while living on its richest land and resources.
      8. Dr Hendryx, WVU, states that 11,000 people die yearly in Appalachia due to coal related illnesses
      9 MTR provides less than 4000 direct jobs in WV
      10. If we continue to accept how coal is mined, when coal is mined out there will be nothing left in the coal fields (unless the mind set changes and there is real economic diversification) See Kayford Mountain and Twilight for two examples.

      I can not control the fact that you refuse to acknowledge facts.

      What if the WVU health studies are right? Should our government not find out the truth?

      Remember LOVE CANAL? Industry support groups denied the scientific evidence for years. They spent $$$$ to convince the impacted residents that “environmentalists” were wrong and that Love Canal was safe. Was it, Walt?

      MTR has impacted land the size of the State of Delaware and over 500 mountains and 2000 miles of stream. LOVE CANAL pails in land size and scope. If science is right and the coal industry lobby groups and other paid for advocates are wrong, many people may die. Does that not concern you?

      If you think MTR does not impact water, then I will film you (any time at my cost) drinking from the water at the Diehl’s stream featured on CNN “MOBM”. Call me. CNN called the water “toxic”. Or at any other stream downstream from an MTR site.

      For Bo Webb, Maria Gunnoe, and others they have stated over and over again that MTR is “genocide”.. Prove them wrong. At least their fears for themselves, because they actually live there and have for generations, are based on science. Your opinions appear to be based on who writes your check.

      As Judy Bonds said in COAL COUNTRY, it is hard to get a man to understand something when his paycheck depends on him not understanding it. It is from a famous quote and very applicable here today.

      And as for me making ‘crazy’ statements, I await your proof that anything I said was incorrect

      Hoka Hey,

      Mari-Lynn C Evans
      American and Appalachian.

      • Walt says:

        1. Could it be because in reality there are no health issues related with surface mining.

        2. Are you referring to the study that was conducted with the aid of environmental groups?

        3. Just because you and a few others say it is doesn’t make it so.

        4. As I said before, at one time peer review status may have been acceptable at face value, however over the past twelve years or so the peer review process has been determined to be biased in many cases. Simply look at climate gate or other global warming studies that were peer reviewed, and are being proved wrong on a daily basis.

        7. Are you saying that even though coal is the highest paying industry in the region it is also the reason we are also the poorest region? That’s is just asinine. History tells us that sickness go hand in hand with poverty. I think main cause of sickness would come from high rate of smokers, drug use and obesity that runs rampant throughout Appalachia.

        8. There is no proof, Hendryx said himself “.” Yet one of the study’s co-authors, Michael Hendryx, admits in the Herald-Leader article, “Technically it’s true that we don’t have direct environmental data that we can link.”

        9. There are over 12,000 direct surface mining jobs in Kentucky and West Virginia alone and another 60,000 or more indirect jobs.

        10. What other industries are there? Coal has been the stable industry in Appalachia, I for one would love to see other industries come here but they won’t or haven to date.

        FYI environmentalist only started complaining once the story made national headlines. Fact is it was the homeowners and two reporters that brought the story to every ones attention. Fact is that Hooker mentioned in the purchase agreement that there was a chemical dump on the property when he sold it to the city. So did the Industry really deny this fact as you claim?
        And if you’re so called science is wrong? Think about the so called science of the past, for instance take the projected ice age of the 70’s for instance, I mean global warming of the 90’s or I should say today’s climate change or climate gate, yeah,,,,,that was real science wasn’t it. What did the scientist predict in 1970? Here is a couple, One said by the year 2000 the earth would be 11 degrees cooler. Another said “Scientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support…the following predictions: In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution…by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half….” And another said “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” I have several more I can list if you like. If you’re so called science is wrong and you stop all coal mining what happens? Yes I said all coal mining, because that’s what the proposed EPA rules will do FACT. You think this area is poor and sickly now wait until all the jobs leave then what?

        I didn’t know that the members of CNN’s crew were biologist. It is my understanding the stream that runs by the Dials home has several sewer lines that discharge directly into it as do the majority of them.

        Simple, all you have to do is read about “genocide”. Do you see that happening anywhere in Appalachia? I don’t think so.
        As I’ve said before I am not a coal miner, to an extent my job does rely on the coal industry, but we all know where your money comes from.

    • The thing about successful genocide is that no one believes it’s actually happening until a huge amount of damage is done. Who would believe that the most technologically advanced country, with a long history of music, art, and other culture, could do something so heinous as send 6 million people to the firing squads and gas chambers? Who would believe that the Don Blankenships of the US would poison the air and water of the communities impeding their profits?
      How many Germans denied or justified the genocide of the Holocaust?’ How many Appalachians (and other Americans) deny this genocide, using Walt’s words or similar words the coal industry propaganda department churns out?

  2. Citizen Harry says:

    I see that Walt has moved on from the post where he was asking for statistics. I guess his own false and misleading retorts weren’t substantiated by the truth. And so now he moves on to his next round of ugly finger pointing at people who generally care about the health and welfare of themselves, their neighbors and the environment.

    Let me ask you Walt, why would these people spend tons of their own time, money, and effort selflessly unless they felt it was life or death?

    Walt’s even speaking in third person to Bo Webb, and he’s not got the balls to get to the point of what he thinks is false and misleading. I suppose he is stating here that health studies are all wrong, and people aren’t really dying.

    Maybe you should go ask Judy Bonds about health statistics, Walt. Of course, I’m being dramatic here, as we all know that this hero of West Virginia has unfortunately and prematurely passed from this life from cancer, after living next to a black stream, and downwind from an MTR site. But her legacy still can answer you, Walt. MTR is deadly. But you’ve got to do your usual finger pointing at the moon.

    Well, Walt. The moon is still there, no matter whether you point at it or not. And it’s real.

    You know… those who defame people who are fighting for their lives are despicable. Simply despicable. If you’re identity wasn’t hidden by this blog, you’d probably not have the balls to be so publicly despicable. Shame on you, Walt. And shame on the politicians and corporate giants who ignore these victims with the same disdain for human life that you show. Shame.

  3. Walt says:

    What were my false or misleading retorts?

    Whenever anyone refers to surface mining as genocide whether it’s you, Mary or the tooth fairy makes no difference to me but without a doubt that person is a nut case. The definition of genocide is “the systematic killing of all the people from a national, ethnic, or religious group, or an attempt to do this”. Genocide was when the Nazis killed nearly 6 million Jews during WWII or when 800,000 died in Rwandan in the 90’s. You say that surface mining causes cancer yet Berkeley, Wirt and Hampshire all non-coal producing counties have cancer rates that are as high as Logan and Mingo both coal producing counties. How can that be? According to you cancer rates be dramatically lower in non-coal producing counties than coal producing counties? Data from the Bureau of Health study has reported that from 1999 to 2005 (most recent data) cancer rates have dropped in West Virginia.

    To answer your question, I guess they feel their cause may be life or death, but that doesn’t mean it is, people can be persuaded into believing anything. Take Jim Jones for instance how many committed suicide for him in Guyana or how many followed Charles Manson into his destruction?

    I assure you that Bo knows what I’m talking about and you would too if you had been paying attention to our past conversations (I pointed out to Bo that he is quoting the wrong amount of explosives being used daily in Wv. And Ky). Sure I think the studies are wrong, whenever a study is conducted by a person or group who is in opposition to the study subject, the results will be always be biased. A portion of the study was conducted by phone, another portion was conducted by an environmental group, really what did you expect.

    Harry, I would agree with you, if people were actually fighting for their life, but that is simply not the case. People are not dying from surface mining and you have no proof that they are.

    • mari-lynn says:

      People are dying in the coal fields from coal related diseases. People in the coal fields are amoung the poorest and sickest in America. Those are facts.

      If coal is so good for us, environmentally and economically, then why are we so poor and sick?

      The coal companies, who must be the “outside agitators” you keep referring to, are making profits for their CEOs and investors. CEO’s making over $100 million in less than 5 years? Coal companies not even based or registered in WV who rack up over 63,000 violations and then have 29 miners die in the worst mining disaster in 40 years? And as Sen Robert C Byrd said, after the mourning what has changed? Nothing

      These many WVU peer reviewed health studies published in mainstream scienfic journals point to a health crisis caused by MTR. It is not an indictment. It is a call for further studies to determine just what exactly is happening.

      What possible reason could anyone or any group offer as to why these studies should be ignored? If they are wrong, then prove it. Corporations can not do anything they want to make money and hand out a few short term jobs, if what they are doing is destroying the land forever and causing people to be sick and die.

      Do you disagree with that? I hope the WVU studies are wrong. But until there is scientific proof that MTR does not adversely impact the health of people living under these sites, they leave all of us in fear.

      If you really love this state, if you really care about the health and safety of the people who live there, then demand the scientific truth.

      And remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr, “everything Hitler did in Germany was legal”. Just because it is ‘legal’ does not make it morally right or acceptable for society.

      Mari-Lynn C Evans
      American and Appalachian

    • mari-lynn says:

      Then what do you think they are complaining about, Walt?

  4. Citizen Harry says:

    Spoken like a true coal company lawyer.

  5. Mom of 2 says:

    I can’t get past the “if I’m not falling over dead right now, it must be fine” attitude that some people have. So all the peer-reviewed science is wrong? Medical people are wrong? The EPA is wrong? But, somehow, the coal companies and greedy people who seem to want to make a buck at any cost are right? LOL. That’s rich. Let’s see some science and facts that mtr is safe. The science at this point points to “not safe.” Get some scientists, doctors, nurses, etc. on your side and we’ll talk. Until then, just because you want it to be true, doesn’t make it so. No matter how loud or often you say it.

    • Walt says:

      As I said before, at one time peer review status may have been acceptable at face value, however over the past twelve years or so the peer review process has been determined to be biased in many cases. Simply look at climate gate or other global warming studies that were peer reviewed, and are being proved wrong on a daily basis.

      Excuse me but is Dr. Hendryx a medical doctor? I don’t think he is. And I can say the same thing to you “just because you want it to be true doesn’t make it so”.

      If surface mining caused cancer then tell me why are cancer rates as high in non-coal producing counties as they are in coal producing counties?

      • mari-lynn says:

        Then where are the studies showing there is NO public health effects caused by MTR? Where is the science that points to Dr Hendryx’s conclusions being flawed? All I have seen is the National Mine Association attorney’s statement that these studies may not have factored “poverty and ‘inbreeding'” And no WV elected officials, not a one, even comments on either the WVU studies or the NMA.
        No one said Dr Hendryx is a medical doctor. He is a PhD researcher. He works for WVU. And unlike Joe Manchin’s daughter, no one gave him the degree without attending classes.
        Cancer rates could be high in non-coal counties because of AIR and WATER. When you poison and pollute air and water, it does not stop at the county line. It all flows downstream.
        If you live there, just because you work for coal, does not mean you are not drinking the same “toxic” water. You are not immune.
        Why , again, do you all just not want the truth about these health studies? Is it somehow dishonoring the coal industry to find out if MTR must just been harming you and your family?
        Or do you just not want to know?
        “It’s hard to get a man to understand something when his paycheck depends on him not understanding.”–Upton Sinclair

        • Walt says:

          Why would there be studies showing no public health effects when there are none? Hendryx himself said “Technically it’s true that we don’t have direct environmental data that we can link in this study.”

          Trust me I want the truth. Why do you think I’m discussing this with you? You’re grasping for straw’s with these studies, you and I both know these studies can be twisted so they agree with every aspect. But whenever the author of a study claims he has no direct data to link to his study then you know the study has to be bogus.

          The same could be said about a woman who makes her money from filming the coal industry and sells the rights to TV networks. I suppose you laugh all the way to the bank every week.

          • mari-lynn says:

            I am not saying, nor have I ever said, that these WVU health studies are PERFECT or NOT PERFECT. I am not a scientist.

            However, scientists conducted and designed the studies and evaluated them. The studies were peer-reviewed and published in a scientific journal.

            The researchers were from WVU and University of Maryland.

            Surely, if nothing else, they deserve to be considered and other studies done.

            If a researcher at WVU does a study, has it peer reviewed, and then a scientific journal publishes it—have an objective group replicate it.

            There have been 18 of these studies, all showing concerns about MTR on public health. There have also been EPA, US Geological Survey work and testing, and others whose work points to similar conclusions. MTR has an impact on the health of those living around it.

            I hope Sen Manchin or/and Rockefeller find funding to do this much needed health study research re MTR.

            • Walt says:

              You don’t know if the WVU study is right or not, but you are willing to back it 100%. Does that make any sense at all?
              Scientist also conducted studies in the early 70’s that said we were going into an ICE AGE, and weren’t those studies also peer reviewed and published in scientific journals? We all know how that turned out! This has happened way to many times in the past. Just because someone claims it so and has it peer reviewed do not make it so. I understand why you want to keep this topic in the news, after all it’s how you make your money.

  6. Mom of 2 says:

    The peer review process isn’t what it used to be?? Hahahaaaa…..Wrong. “Climate gate” scientists were disproved of any wrong doing. 98% of scientists in the US and the worlds top scientific organizations stand behind climate change. ::shrug:: You’re obviously entitled to believe it or not, but the PROFESSIONALS have reached a consensus. The process is not flawed. The fact that it doesn’t point to the outcome you desire does not discredit that which guides the world’s scientific process. If you’ve got some peer-reviewed science that shows mtr is safe, bring it. Otherwise, I’m going to go with the experts. (Of which, I am guessing, you are not one.)

    • Walt says:

      I’m not asking you to take my word for it, do your own research. There is bias among the peer review process. How do you think these people make their money.

      • Mom of 2 says:

        I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of “the peer review process.” Research is sometimes funded by partisan groups. But then it is submitted to PEERS in the field for review. These reviewers are also held scientifically and professionally accountable for their analysis of the research. They are not part of any original funding. If a research project has bias, the review process is supposed to flush that out. And the vast majority of the time it does. Of course there are exceptions.

        If, as you say, these scientists are in this for the money, do you really think they’d choose to skew the science for environmentalists and/or locals who have little money or would it make more sense to sell out to the companies with *millions* to spend? I mean, come on. You believe they’re corrupt AND too stupid to know who the cash cows are? Not so likely.

        In any event we know scientifically and medically what coal contains–toxins and carciniogens–and the effect it has on humans. We know how particulate matter acts in the human body. We know how residue from coal in water might impact human kidneys. And teeth. And brain. And on and on and on. The studies that have been done on mtr have all followed exactly what we know about coal and its impacts on humans. Same as when we mine it. Same as when we burn it. Same as when we deal with the ash. It’s dangerous to us. Period. Again, I’m not taking your word for it and I don’t expect you to take mine. The science and history re. coal speak for itself.

        • Walt says:

          Your view on the peer review process may have been valid , if we lived in a perfect world, but this is not a perfect world. May I suggest that you go back four or five years ago and review all of the peer reviewed global warming data that was shoved in our face, now look at today’s global warming data. What became of all the peer review studies? What about the IPCC peer review studies? How many lies were told in these studies, and for what? Money, greedy scientist wanted the free money.

          Several years ago you could have gotten away by claiming poor environmentalist, but that ship has sailed. Today’s environmental groups are well funded.

      • mari-lynn says:

        Are you kidding?
        If someone dares research possible health consequences of MTR, you attack them for being a PHD researcher who gets paid for their work?
        Do you not get paid for your work?
        Do you think Dr Hendryx should not be paid after attending university for 8-10 years to be a PhD and working a full time job?
        Coal cries it is all about jobs. Jobs are #1.
        What a hypocrite you are for making this statement. How you have exposed your utter and complete bias.
        Again, why in the world don’t you want to know the truth if MTR is harming people’s health?
        Why don’t you want Rockefeller or Manchin to call for a large scale study?
        And why do you think coal is so great for WV when the coal fields are among the poorest and sickest communties in America?
        The people who enriched themselves from OUR coal were (and are) the robber barons, coal barons/owners and investors from outside our region. It sure never has been the worker or the communties.
        Where do you live? Lindytown, Twilight, Rock Creek…? I bet not. If you did you would have some empathy.

        • Walt says:

          How can you read my comment and suggest I was attacking him for a PHD and not being a medical doctor? Several people have ask if he is a licensed M.D. I just wanted to confirm if he was or not. If he is employed by WVU and paid with State and Federal funds then shouldn’t his salary be open the public? I think it would be interesting to see exactly how much government money he has received over the years don’t you?

          Bias? How? Have I ever hid the fact that I support the coal industry?

          Tell me Mary, once you shut down the coal industry, exactly how are you going to replace 45% of our energy source? Wind experts are predicting it will take 30 years or so before wind will be a viable option.

          I see where environmental groups were protesting the proposed oil pipeline from Canada to Texas and another that reported the Alaskan pipeline could be closed within 10 years because we are not allowed to drill in ANWR. ANWR could supply another 30 to 50 years of oil and gas, but instead we will have to depend on those in the Middle East for a lot of our crude oil.

          Who do you think “in your words , the robber barons, coal barons/owners are? The vast majority of existing coal companies are publicly owned, that means more than likely anyone who has a 401k, or some type of retirement plan owns stocks in these companies. Where would the counties get their tax dollars if it were not for the coal companies? These communities have survived form the tax dollars of the coal companies employees. How many of us would not be here today (never born) if it were not for the coal industry moving into Appalachia in the early 1900’s.

          The people who lived in Lindytown, Twilight….sold their property to the coal company because they wanted to, they were not forced to sale, they were simply looking for a way out and wanted the money.

          • mari-lynn says:

            Those folks were looking for a way out of what, Walt?
            Their communties once were a heaven on earth. Now they have disappeared along w friends and family who also lived there for generations.
            What made them “look for a way out?”
            Having their communtity destroyed by MTR?
            Being blasted every day?
            Their water not being safe to drink like the folks in Prenter?
            Having their lives be ruined because MTR is the cheapest way to mine coal?
            Exactly what is fair compensation for losing your home and community? You make it sound like they were the ones who were greedy .
            Look around you. Where is all the money from coal?
            Why are non -coal towns like Shepardstown or Lewisburg doing so well economically and environmentallly while coal towns are disappearing?
            Why have there been “plans” to depopulate the coal fields?
            I guess we just see the world in a very different way.

            • Walt says:

              If their community was heaven on earth as you say, then why would anyone sell their property and move away? You may be able to sell the idea to a few of the young people that Appalachia was heaven on earth, while in reality it was the opposite. Remember LBJ’s war on poverty in Appalachia during the mid 60’s? And you can’t forget about RFK’s visit to Eastern Kentucky in 68? Appalachia was a slice of heaven then wasn’t it? Wait wasn’t that before MTR?………I think so.

              Coal seams mined by MTR cannot be mined by underground methods, seam are either too thin to deep mine or they are too close the surface to effectively mine by underground methods.
              Look around you and you will see the money from coal, now close your eyes and imagine what the poverty rates if coal mining was not part of Appalachia and the things we would not have the things we do.

              My guess is that Lewisburg does so well because of the Greenbrier Resort. Shepardstown is another historical community that is located far from the heart of Appalachia, so really how can you compare those communities to communities in the coal fields.

              Plans to depopulate the coal fields? I’ve never heard of this before, I would be interested in hearing more about this.

  7. Citizen Harry says:

    I love it! WALTGATE!

    Funny how Walt and his kind always use “-gate” to cast a negative glow on to something they want to debunk. You’d think that they wouldn’t want to relate anything or even bring up the demise of their hero- the poster boy of political corruption, Richard Nixon.

    And you’d think that if someone were truly halfway intelligent, they wouldn’t write blog after blog that highlights their inability to hide their true intent. Just think, if there were blogs in the seventies, Walt would be writing about why we need to invade Vietnam over the Gulf of Tonkin “incident”, why Love Canal is really safe to swim in, that genocide of Native Americans was a lie, how we taught those smelly hippies a thing or two at Kent State… or why Nixon is really “not a crook”.

  8. mari-lynn says:

    Instead of criticizing Dr Hendryx (Ken Ward Jr did an excellent blog about the attacks on him by ‘pro coal supporters) then fund further studies.
    Doesn’t the EPA, the WVDEP, Sen Rockefeller and Manchin, Cong Rahall and Capito want to know if MTR is having an adverse effect on human life?
    Again, what possible reason could anyone have to not want health studies done to evaluate these WVU reports?
    All Dr Hendryx and the residents are seeking is the truth. Will you deny them that, also?
    The coal industry is doing this MTR for their own profits. They should have to prove it is safe or not be allowed to do it.

    • Walt says:

      I found the commits below were in the editorial section of a local newspaper, read them and then ask yourself why Rockerfeller, Manchin and others are not running to conduct other studies. It is obvious the study you hold to such high esteem have to many flaws.

      Hendryx’s himself admits that is in an interview and I quote, “Technically it’s true that we don’t have direct environmental data that we can link in this study.”
      In that same article, Hendryx acknowledges that he believes “mountaintop removal is harmful and should be stopped.”

      Is this unbiased research?

      The reports also states that “mothers in the mountaintop-mining area had less education, were more likely to smoke, were less likely to have prenatal care.”

      Drug addiction has to be considered as a contributor to birth defects, as well as alcohol abuse and maternal health issues like diabetes.

      We all know that those factors themselves — without environmental contributors — increase birth defects exponentially, no matter what geographic area is being studied.

      Mary, you always refer back to the coal companies profits. What about all of these groups performing these studies, do they or do they not receive a large amount of money to conduct this work? What about you Mary, don’t you make these films for your own profit? So really is there any difference between you and the coal industry?

  9. Walt says:

    What a nice little surprise seeing my name in the headlines. You know I kind of like seeing my name upon the blog title, actually I have been thinking of starting my own web site, you know one that tells the truth about coal mining. However I’m now having second thoughts, since I’m a rising star on this site and can reach more of those who need to know the truth about mining.

    I owe a special thanks to the administrator of this site for giving me the opportunity to express my opinions and to tell the true side of mining and hopefully change a few attitudes or at least have some to take a more in-depth look at the coal mining process.

    I look forward to many more discussions with everyone.


    • mari-lynn says:

      Yes, our Administrator gives you and anyone else a platform to express your views.

      And since you think you are a ‘rising star’, maybe you will feel couragous enough someday that you can identify yourself and your job.

      Please, do spend 8 years of your life exploring Appalachian history including the role of coal.

      I will be interested in hearing your conclusions after you have spent the time necessary to form them.

  10. Citizen Harry says:

    If you think anyone believes all your happy horse shit here, just keep on writing. I always enjoy seeing a professional debunker trying to get over on people. It’s hilarious. Always very entertaining!
    Citizen Harry

    • Walt says:

      Harry, I realize that you are an environmentalist, but really GREEN is not you color.

      If you know what I mean. lol

  11. walt says:

    Hocus pocus……now you see it…… you don’t. I think this site may have a few gremlin’s lurking around.

    What do you think Mari “Brown Hue” Lynn.

    It’s good to have friends that check this site out during the day, while I’m at work.

  12. Admin says:

    Hi Walt,
    Mari-Lynn wrote back and asked me to remove her comment because she thought maybe she spoke too rashly, and it had only been up a short while.

    But I’m not too shy to say outright that you have your head up your ass. Just for the record.

  13. Mari-Lynn says:


    After I wrote that comment, I thought that it was not something my grandmother would have thought was very nice. So I asked it be removed.

    Not that I didn’t mean every word, but it was not kind or relevant in any way.

    You have every right to express your opinions. And I did disagree with your comment to the point I saw brown.

    It’s a wonderful world. Let’s both try to keep it that way.


  14. Citizen Harry says:

    ahem… (Singing) My Country ’tis of Thee (revised)

    Your country,’ tis of coal,
    sweet land of poverty, of thee you stole;
    land where my fathers mined,
    land where the children died,
    from every mountainside you let coal picks swing!

    My stolen country, thee,
    land of your killing spree, thy name is rank;
    you love thy rocks of coal,
    under woods in a hole;
    your purse with rolls of bills, laughs down to the bank.

    Yet, let music swell the breeze,
    and ring from all the trees sweet freedom’s song;
    let mortal tongues awake;
    let all that breathe partake;
    let rocks their silence break, the sound prolong.

    Our fathers’ God, to thee,
    author of liberty, to thee we sing;
    long may our land be bright
    with freedom’s holy light;
    protect us from their greed, great God, our King.

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