Google It! WVDEP


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2 Responses to Google It! WVDEP

  1. mari-lynn says:

    I had to watch this video twice , the comments from the DEP on how blasting benefits dams was so outrageous.
    And by the way, I did GOOGLE it. There is no study that says any such thing.
    Buffalo Creek was an earthen dam.
    To think that this person is responsible for the safety of people living around MTR sites is frightening. He works for the WV DEP?
    WVU peer reviewed health studies (published in scientific journals) showing premature deaths and increased birth defects around MTR sites are ignored. I guess they must not be on GOGGLE yet.
    You could not make this stuff up.

  2. Walt says:

    The Buffalo Creek dam was constructed prior to the regulations we have today. Actually todays guidelines were a result of the Buffalo disaster.

    Peer reviewed status means absolutely nothing today just look at all of the man made climate studies, they were peer reviewed and their still worthless.

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