Psychic Feind Network

Hey Rich, how is the new psychic forum working out? It looks as if you are really packing them in to your new psychic friends forum.

I will admit, that I was wrong, apparently, I over estimated your number of viewers (6) because over the last month there have only been 3 comments made by your faithful followers comrades Harry and Bo.

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3 Responses to Psychic Feind Network

  1. Bo says:

    Hey Walt, you’re the biggest fan. Hell, you post more than anyone, all that bullshit you put up ain’t sucking anyone in. We’re too busy exposing the truth about you and your fiends to take the bait.

    How does it feel to know that when you leave this Earth God is gonna get yor ass?

    • Walt says:

      Bo, can I pencil you in as President of my fan club. If anyone is spreading bull crap it would you and your buds. I see your still using the bogus numbers on the amount of explosives used.

      If anyones backside is going to be got, it will be your’s for all the lies you’ve told.

  2. Walt says:

    Rich, you’re the expert psychic on this site, BTW, where is everyone, all I hear are cricket’s. lol

    Seriously, what is the number of daily hit’s on this site? Can you look into your crystal ball and see if this site will ever have more than three comments made in a month?

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