WV Wildlife Federation Members Announce Support for Coal Industry (Jun 14th, 2011) Charleston, WV

(June 10, 2011) – The West Virginia Wildlife Federation, an organization representing nearly 50 fishing, hunting and outdoors groups across the state, today announced their support for the benefits mining provides sportsmen and woman across the state, during a meeting in Charleston today.

Jerod Harman, president of the West Virginia Wildlife Federation, said, “Sportsmen and women, like all Appalachian residents, benefit from the coal industry through direct and indirect employment, local and state taxes that fund vital public services and low cost electricity.  Additionally, responsible reclamation of former mine sites across the state is creating new habitat for deer, turkey and other game animals to thrive. Former mine sites provide hospitable habitat through the creation of grasslands, wetlands, streams and ponds.  Aquatic vegetation is doing well in many streams, and several of these streams are now being stocked with trout around mining operations in the state.”

Harman said WV Wildlife Federation affiliate organizations represent thousands of state residents for whom hunting, fishing and trapping is their passion.  He encourages the affiliate organizations to recognize the benefits that responsible mining provides sportsmen and women throughout the state.

“Many of our members work in the coal industry or in jobs providing services for mining,” Harmon said.  “We want them to know that we support them and appreciate all they do for West Virginia and our country.”


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