Ted Turner Says Coal, Oil Industries Need ‘A Good Ass Kicking’

ANAHEIM, C.A. — Philanthropist and CNN founder Ted Turner has turned his sights to renewable energy — and he had some fighting words for the wind industry at the kickoff to its annual convention on Monday.

Turbine manufacturers and clean energy utilities can’t sit idly by while the coal industry touts its “clean coal” plan and oil companies flood the airwaves, Turner said. He noted that he had “nightmares” caused by clean coal advertisements.

Wind energy companies, which created a quarter of the nation’s new electricity capacity last year, need to fight back, Turner said.

“Let’s go out and kick their asses. That’s what they need, a good ass-kicking,” Turner told the group assembled for the American Wind Energy Association’s conference. He was speaking in an unscripted conversation with the group’s CEO, Denise Bode.


Poor brainwashed little sheep, just more lies from the enviro’s handbook.

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