The Story of Blair Mountain from “The Appalachians”

Appalachians segment on Blair mountain from jordan freeman on Vimeo.

Here are some comments from the Coal Country Facebook Page.

  • Gene Burple LambertBlair mountain is a public waste dump that is an eye sorem. Please bring trash bags with you on your march so you can pick up the garbage.

    Yesterday at 7:57am · 1 person
  • Coal CountryBlair Mountain is the site of the largest labor uprising in American history. The Battleground should be preserved as we do Arlington or other sacred places. Blair is the one site the union and environmentalists agree Must to be saved. And by the way, we have been cleaning up the trash left there by those who do not honor their land or their history.

    23 hours ago · 1 person
  • Gene Burple LambertYour full of s**t i just drove by there this morning and there are piles of used tires and dirty diapers everywhere. I must say blair was a good place to party when i was younger

    23 hours ago
  • Coal CountryGene, yes it is horrible the amount of trash that people have left at Blair Mountain. It is a sad statement about how we care for the land. But, know that many people are working on cleaning it and will continue to do so.

    23 hours ago
  • Gene Burple LambertIf you terrorists want to do something good for this state clean up the trash on your march. Like i have said there are not any historical signs on blair just a stack of used goodyear tires and mcdonalds wrappers. Oh yeah a few maytags

    23 hours ago
  • Gene Burple LambertBulls,,t

    23 hours ago
  • Gene Burple LambertAlso while you are marching look at all the sewer pipes draining waste into these wonderful streams that your precious minnow and mayflies are flying above. There is your unclean water. Some people just lack common sense

    23 hours ago
  • Diana Loveday DanhYou live ther, why don’t YOU do something about it? Oh yeah, it’s much easier to sit on your ass and bitch.

    23 hours ago
  • Vince Packardi would call mountain top (removal?) devastation the worst terrorism this land has ever seen. thanks for poisoning mud river, lincoln co, toxic for a millenium.

    22 hours ago · 1 person
  • Coal CountryReports from WVU and others clearly prove that the dirty water you drink comes from MTR and other mining processes. It is not dirty from sewar systems. Sewar water does not contain high doses of silica, but water near MTR sites does.

    22 hours ago · 2 people
  • Coal CountryWhy would anyone want to destroy Blair Mountain, even the Sierra Club and UMWA agree on that one.

    22 hours ago · 2 people
  • Coal CountryI produced THE APPALACHIANS. What about the segment on BLAIR MOUNTAIN to be untrue? Or did you just not like the truth about how the coal industry has used miners for generations? Did you read the UBB report and its findings?

    22 hours ago · 1 person
  • Vince Packardhuman sewage is not good but can dissapate and correct itself. blowing up mountains and toxic metals unleashed will poison the drainage for many millenium. lincoln co. was pretty prestine until boone co. operation hobet destroyed mud river.

    21 hours ago · 1 person
  • R Suzan Sukle

    The segment on Blair Mountain was well done. Remember Blair Mountain became a rallying cry for later battles in Pennsylvania. Read, “Blood on the Constitution,” also a story based on actual events. The rights of labor proved to be hard won …See More
    19 hours ago
  • Gene Burple LambertEverybody know its a public dump. You know the one that opens at night when nobodys around. I challenge every mtr marcher to pick up trash that day and i will myself. So diana are you going to keep bitching or are you going to bring your trash bag and help clean up this memorial site?

    4 hours ago
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One Response to The Story of Blair Mountain from “The Appalachians”

  1. Citizen Harry says:

    Here we go again. Do you notice that Mr. Lambert feels the need to use foul language, call names, and defame people? Sure he brings up a valid point, that there may be trash there. But I seriously doubt that someone who cares about the environment would be guilty of using the place as an illegal dump. Anyone who does should be ashamed of themselves.

    It’s just this attitude about the environment that goes way beyond the disgrace of MTR, it’s all about educating your children about respecting nature, and each other. Peacefully protesting that which some feel is a horror on humanity and nature is patriotic, and I support it. Of course we should clean up, I always clean up when camping, and hike out my trash. I would never dump anything illegally. The deeper question here is why do ignorant, un-educated, un-caring individuals dump illegal trash to begin with. Why? I have no idea why people just accept pollution as a fact of life.

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