“All environmentalist aren’t ratical environmetalist”

Laughing about killing anything is dumb and I don’t approve of it, but you can’t judge other miners on the actions of a few. It’s like saying all environmentalist are ratical environmetalist, just because a few drove spikes into trees, in hopes of injuring the loggers when they cut the trees down (this has happened out west).

However you did suggest that stop MTR because it was killing God’s creatures. And based on that premise if we have to stop doing everything that kills God’s creatures we should stop driving cars (roadkill), we shouldn’t build windmills (millions of birds will die annually). We won’t be able to build nuclear plants (all animals and humans). We can’t use gas now (reports say it’s worse to the enviroment than coal). We can’t build hydro-electric dams, well you know the hole critter (mayflies) in the creek thing you have going.

Seriously. What do you suggest we do for energy Bo?

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5 Responses to “All environmentalist aren’t ratical environmetalist”

  1. Citizen Harry says:

    I think this particular comment will probably end the all out Environmentalist rush to reply to you Walt. LOL.

  2. walt says:

    You know Harry you couldn’t answer the same question last year either.

  3. Citizen Harry says:

    Walt, there’s this new invention in the secretary’s office called “Spell Check”. Though considering you’re wanting us all to stay rooted in the 19th or 20th century, maybe that doesn’t matter to you.

    It’s easy to tear someone down. It’s hard to get across the notion that you care about people and the Earth more than money. Especially when the thing we’re talking about here is MTR, which you always want to veer the conversation away from. My answer? MTR isn’t an option. Simple. MTR isn’t an option as a human being who cares about natural beauty, the Earth, and people’s health and happiness. It’s all about being human, Walt. Something that you seem to be dead set against by most of your comments. I don’t have time to consider all your other raves on the blog here tonight, but I’ll try to get to it when I come back from the work that you always imply that I don’t go to. As much as you type, it seems that you’re the one laying around with time on your hands.

    As usual, you make everything black and white. You can’t see any compromise in ideas. It’s ok. I’ve gone head to head with adversaries that have much more intelligence than you. Keep up your ranting and raving. We enjoy a good fairy story before we go to bed each night. It gives us something substantial to show to our children when we explain how not to live our lives. You’re ideas are a good example of that.

  4. walt says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the spill chuck there Hairy.

    Veering away from MTR? You can’t be serious?

    I admit that I made one comment maybe two, but no more than two about you working and you now your saying “I always imply you don’t”. You know it’s like my grandfather used to say, “I know the truth is in that man because it has yet to come out”.

    If your worried about my time on here, please feel free to go back and check the times of my comments. I’m sure you will find that they were made in the evening or on the weekend.

    The world is still waiting for you to answer my question Harry……

    I’m so glad you enjoy my comments before bedtime……good night, sweet prince.

  5. Citizen Harry says:


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