Wildlife population dramatically increases at MTR sites

Bears and deers being killed on a surface mine site is NOT a daily occurence, fact is it very rarely happens. So, if we use your argument we should also park our cars and start walking everywhere. Is that what your suggesting we do, Bo?

You and I both know that the wildlife population has dramaticly increased since surface mining began years ago.

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2 Responses to Wildlife population dramatically increases at MTR sites

  1. mari-lynn says:

    Hey, want to see something dramatic? Look at those pictures. No, there were not doctored by some conspiracy theorists who thinks the earth is flat. They are the real story. I guess I am to believe that you go on each MTR site and move all the animals before you blast? I guess the fact that birds are dying in mass because their habit is destroyed along w their migration pattern doesn’t count. But, it’s the people I feel for. They lose their land, their health, their communities, and you get a big green plane of land with some deer out there. Seems a little extreme.

  2. walt says:

    Your a good one to talk about birds dying because a few trees (not all) are cut down, but think it’s perfectly ok to build windmills that will kill millions of birds annually. If that’s not hypocritic, nothing is.

    Explain to me how people lose their land? The land owner has to either give the coal companies permission to mine their property, or they sell their property to the company. No one is holding a gun on them making them sign over their land.

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