Reader thinks Bo Webb is using misleading and false accusations

How was that offensive? (referencing Bo’s comment about the recent posted video clip of Senator Rockefeller)

Your term “MTR killing machine” is a flat out lie, and you know it. Shame on you for using such misleading and false accusations.

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2 Responses to Reader thinks Bo Webb is using misleading and false accusations

  1. Mari-Lynn Evans says:

    Bo Webb’s statements are true and accurate. Dr Michael Hendrix at WVU has spent years on health studies that show that people living under MTR sites are more likely to die than their counterparts who live in non-MTR sites. Something like over 500 people die per year in coal producing counties in Appalachia. They die from the diseal fuel, nitrates, and other chemicals used in these explosions. How can you think if you are using the equivelent of an Hiroshma bomb every week in the coal fields to blow up these mountains that people will not be affected? Why are people living there dying of brain tumors and other diseases at a greater rate than anywhere else in the region? If you want more info on these health studies showing how MTR is not only affecting our land but the health and welfare of the residents, please contact Dr Hendryx or read some of his work. Bo Webb has only spoken the sad truth.

  2. Mari-Lynn Evans says:

    Love the photo!

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