Sen. Rockefeller more concerned about former NFL players than West Virginia Citizens – and a comment by Bo Webb

Col. Jack Kelly,  Senator Jay Rockefeller, and Brent Boyd, discussing the plight of former NFL (National Football League)  players

We wonder why Senator Rockefeller can’t give the same respect he is seen here giving the concept of the “plight” of former NFL football players to the citizens of Appalachia who are fighting for their lives, and their mountains.

Bo Webb comment about the West Virginia activists seen in the previous video:
That was offensive. I have no other way to put it. Here we have some damned good people, great West Virginians to be exact, that have traveled 300 plus miles with limited funding, staying in cramped, sharing lodging, paying for a lot of their own expenses, taking time from their work, their families, pounding the sidewalk with sore feet and riding the metro in order to try to make an appeal to our highly paid Senator who is chauffeured all over DC, eating where he pleases, all on the tax payers dollars, and he doesn’t want to even give them the time of day. These are the people from some of West Virginia’s mountain sacrifice zones that are being poisoned by the industry that props “Rocky” up to represent their interests. There is no doubt that if that had been Chris Hamilton that ran into “Rocky” there would have been a great long chat, including an invite to the Senator’s office. I am appalled, disgusted and offended by this Senator and the way he treated these victims of the mtr killing machine. Shame on him.

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One Response to Sen. Rockefeller more concerned about former NFL players than West Virginia Citizens – and a comment by Bo Webb

  1. Mari-Lynn Evans says:

    I cannot help but think about Sen Rockefeller;s position on strip mining (before he lost his first election). He wes adament that this mining is bad for the economy, the environment, and the fuure of WV. But, after he lost the election he decided that he must take a pro coal postion. His remarks at the UBB memorial when he said he knew there were problems with people only having coal as the only industry—then saying if people don’t like it they can leave was offensive. Maybe he needs to leave our home land.

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