Mr. Smug. Senior Senator Rockefeller

“How was that offensive?”

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13 Responses to Mr. Smug. Senior Senator Rockefeller

  1. Bo Webb says:

    That was offensive. I have no other way to put it. Here we have some damned good people, great West Virginians to be exact, that have traveled 300 plus miles with limited funding, staying in cramped, sharing lodging, paying for a lot of their own expenses, taking time from their work, their families, pounding the sidewalk with sore feet and riding the metro in order to try to make an appeal to our highly paid Senator who is chauffeured all over DC, eating where he pleases, all on the tax payers dollars, and he doesn’t want to even give them the time of day. These are the people from some of West Virginia’s mountain sacrifice zones that are being poisoned by the industry that props “Rocky” up to represent their interests. There is no doubt that if that had been Chris Hamilton that ran into “Rocky” there would have been a great long chat, including an invite to the Senator’s office. I am appalled, disgusted and offended by this Senator and the way he treated these victims of the mtr killing machine. Shame on him.

  2. walt says:

    How was that offensive?

    Your term “MTR killing machine” is a flat out lie, and you know it. Shame on you for using such misleading and false accusations.

    • Citizen Harry says:

      It was offensive because of exactly what Bo Web said. Rocky was uninterested in the plight of people that had come far on their own dime to speak with him, and spoke down to them as “little people” in a demeaning fashion. I think Bo was completely clear. Politicians nowadays are pretty uninterested in their constituents, just they’re ability to gather power, money, and influence.

      MTR killing machine is not a flat out lie. Why don’t you ask some citizens that live near an MTR site, like Judy Bonds from the film. Ooops, I’m sorry, she died of cancer in January. Let’s take a look at the death of a mountain, or the wildlife, or the health effects of polluted water. Misleading? False Accusations?

      Hey everybody! The purveyor of the pundits, Walt, is back in force to try and throw a wrench in the work of patriots again!

  3. walt says:

    Harry, I see you finally woke from your winter slumber. Where have you been? I think it would be inappropriate to respond to you’re comment on Mrs. Bonds.

    Death of a mountain or wildlife really? Wildlife on and around the mining operations that I’m familar with seem to be flourishing. Deer, turkeys, elk, rabbits, squirrel etc. are running all over the hills and valley’s.

    Since your so concerned about water quaility. Why don’t you and your cronies do something to stop all the sewer lines that dump raw sewage into our streams and rivers?

    I see where you guy’s and gal’s are trying to put a wrench into the gas industry as well. You do realize that the gas and coal industries account for nearly 70% our energy don’t you. You all are patriots all right. lol

  4. Bo Webb says:

    Walt, I bet you throw this crap up for the coal industry for free.
    I don’t know where you live, but I do live beneath an MTR site and it IS a death machine. Your sociopath friends that push the trees down the mountain have had a couple of leaks around here laughing about burying bears with their cubs in their dens. There was a video up on you tube of a couple other idiots laughing at deer walking across a blasting area as they detonated their Timothy McVeigh bomb. Whether you want to admit it or not mountaintop removal turns these God giving mountain incubators of life into tombs of death.
    MTR is blasphemy.

    • walt says:

      Bears and deers being killed on a surface mine site is NOT a daily occurence, fact is it very rarely happens. So, if we use your argument we should also park our cars and start walking everywhere. Is that what your suggesting we do, Bo?

      You and I both know that the wildlife population has dramaticly increased since surface mining began years ago.

  5. bo webb says:

    Did you read what I said? Laughing about killing? Do you get it? Not a daily occurrence? Are you attempting to justify killing? The poisoning of our streams, our air? Only a sick mind would think that accidentally killing a deer with a car is the same as purposely burying a mother bear with her cub.
    You know what Walt, we are going to abolish mountaintop removal even with your objection. We’re all going to meet out maker one of these days. I’m sure not perfect and have sinned many times, but I won’t have to stand before my God and try to explain to Him why I stood aside quietly while His mountains were being poisoned and destroyed.

  6. walt says:

    Laughing about killing anything is dumb and I don’t approve of it, but you can’t judge other miners on the actions of a few. It’s like saying all environmentalist are ratical environmetalist, just because a few drove spikes into trees, in hopes of injuring the loggers when they cut the trees down (this has happened out west).

    However you did suggest that stop MTR because it was killing God’s creatures. And based on that premise if we have to stop doing everything that kills God’s creatures we should stop driving cars (roadkill), we shouldn’t build windmills (millions of birds will die annually). We won’t be able to build nuclear plants (all animals and humans). We can’t use gas now (reports say it’s worse to the enviroment than coal). We can’t build hydro-electric dams, well you know the hole critter (mayflies) in the creek thing you have going.

    Seriously. What do you suggest we do for energy Bo?

  7. bo webb says:

    I am not labeling coal miners as you suggest. There are many caring people working on these strip sites, but that in itself doesn’t make mtr a good thing. It’s a bad thing. It’s totally unnecessary. It is not sustainable. And, it is killing people, real people. I could also say that it provides only a handful of jobs and it does, but even if it provided a million jobs it still would not be justified. Any logical thinking person would conclude that when detonating nearly 5 million pounds of ammonium nitrate diesel fuel mix per day, PER DAY, above mountain communities in E KY and S WV, that people are breathing an array of particulates into their lungs including diesel and ammonium nitrate residue, silica from blasted sandstone, and quite possibly heavy metals. And, over a period of time the effects of breathing this toxic dust will take its toll. I believe that we are now witnessing the long term health effects of MTR blasting. Just because the government has not conducted a health study doesn’t mean it’s not so. They didn’t conduct a study on black lung either. Children especially are at risk being exposed to these elements. What are we doing? Why do we allow an industry to control us and destroy such a beautiful place? We have the smarts and ability to do so much better, but the masses seem to lack the motivation to demand that our representatives diversify this economy and lead us into the 21st century, instead of being puppets with the coal industry’s hand stuck up their ass and flapping their jaws.

  8. walt says:

    Bo….I would say your right……but then we would both be wrong.

    BTW where did you get the 5 million pounds from? Just curious.

  9. Bo Webb says:

    Walt, About 7 years ago I called the WV DEP and asked them how much explosives were detonated on the average per day in WV. They did not know. I thought that odd given the 911 attack and homeland security, so I called the ATF and they didn’t know. I then called Homeland Security and they said they may call me back. The next day they did call me back and told me where to find the number. I then called the WV DEP and asked them what percentage of blasting in WV was used on mtr sites compared to other mining and road building. The chief of blasting told me that it would be less than 1 percent total for all blasting operations other than MTR. You can find the information for yourself at the Institute of Makers of Explosives. They are responsible for keeping tabs of every state. (look in the toolbox) The measurement is given in metric tons per year. You simply multiply the total metric tons by 2206 lbs (metric ton) I then divided that number by 300 blasting days for an average per day. (No blasting on Sundays and holidays. The WV DEP now uses the IME to help keep tabs with inventories.

  10. walt says:

    Bo, thanks for the information.

    My understanding is that you subtracted 1% (for road construction and other) of the total weight and assumed the rest to be used with MTR. By using your formula and the data from 2009, I came up with 4 million pounds, 2.17 million for WVa. and 1.82 million for Ky.

    I have a few questions. First not all surface mining is MTR, in reality the majority of surface mining is mined by the contour and the area mining methods than are by MTR. Thus reducing the amount of explosives you claim are used MTR. Secondly you did not take into consideration limestone mining, combined WVa. and Kentucky mine around 60 million tons of limestone annually, I feel confident this would further reduce the amount of explosives used in MTR. I’m not sure how much explosives are used in limestone mining, but I think it is far greater than the 1% the DEP suggested.

    IMO it would be impossible to determine how much explosives were used MTR or in other surface mining methods.

  11. Bo Webb says:

    Wyoming one, WV two, Ky. three, ranked in that order with explosives. They are also ranked in the same order for surface mining. I don’t know how you came up with those numbers, but 2008 was 5,918,477 and 2009 was 4,673,632. To be exact the DEP said this: The amount of explosives used in highway and other blasting operations was not significant enough to change the numbers. Being kind to the industry I gave them 1%. I don’t know how you derived at those numbers unless you used 365 days. I’m referring to average per blasting day of 300 days per year. We could probably argue about tweaking the numbers until the cows come home, but in reality there is a hell of a lot of blasting going on no matter how you look at it. It doesn’t matter if it’s mtr or contour or high wall, these explosives are effecting the people’s health in our mountain communities.

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