Press Conference to Announce March on Blair Mountain: Appalachia’s Rising March 9, 2011 at 11 am at Charleston, West Virginia

We march to demand the preservation of Blair Mountain, to strengthen labor rights, and to abolish mountain top removal coal mining (MTR)
CHARLESTON, W.Va. – On Wednesday, March 9th at 11 am, in the UE Local 170 Hall (1591 Washington St. E, Charleston, WV) retired UMWA coal miner Chuck Nelson; author Denise Giardina; 2010 WV Filmmaker of the Year, Mari-Lynn Evans; former US Congressman, Ken Hechler; and a coalition of leaders from the Appalachian labor and environmental movements will announce the March on Blair Mountain: Appalachia’s Rising. This will be a massive non-violent five-day march from Marmet, WV, to Blair Mountain in Logan County, WV.
Marchers will follow the same route that 10,000 coal miners took on their historic march to Blair Mountain in 1921.  The ensuing battle was among the largest and bloodiest labor uprisings in United States history. This year will mark the 90th Anniversary of the March on Blair Mountain.
Said Brandon Nida, Board member of Friends of Blair Mountain, “As citizens in Wisconsin and across the country stand up to maintain their right to collectively bargain, Blair Mountain stands as a physical reminder of the struggles of previous generations of workers to establish those rights. It is a sacred place where a new solidarity for the 21st century will be forged between all of those fighting for workers, communities, and our mountains.”
The current plans to mountaintop removal mine Blair Mountain would dishonor the memory of the thousands of coal miners who sacrificed their lives for the right to collectively bargain and to gain safe working and living conditions. Citizens and organizers assert that if mining permits move forward on Blair Mountain, the most significant heritage site in Appalachia will be destroyed forever and the communities around Blair Mountain will be irreparably and adversely affected. Blair Mountain will join over 500 other mountains in Appalachia that have been leveled by MTR.
The March will begin on June 6th, 2011 in Marmet, WV. Participants will march 10 miles a day, and evenings will consist of workshops, cultural festivities, and music. On the sixth day, June 11th, a large rally will be held in Blair, followed by a march to the crest of Blair Mountain.
The event’s mission statement reads, “We march to demand sustainable job creation in all Appalachian communities, abolish mountaintop removal, strengthen labor rights, and preserve Blair Mountain.” The March on Blair Mountain: Appalachia’s Rising is a joint project of the Blair Mountain Coalition and Appalachia Rising.
For more information,or to request interviews, and live and archival footage please visit: or call  Brandon Nida, at 304 730 3932.

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