Manchin advertisement and safety

Republicans bashed Governor Manchins new political advertisement where he shoots at a target with a copy of the “Cap and Trade Bill”, and mentions his endorsement by the National Rifle Association (NRA). The bill, meant to curb greenhouse gas emissions by capping the amount of carbon businesses can emit, is enormously unpopular in West Virginia, which relies on its coal production. The House passed a cap and trade bill in 2009, but Democrats efforts were stalled in the Senate. Manchin’s ad achieves a sort of symbolic trifecta of anti-Washington Democrat discontent. Manchin fires a gun, first of all, and touts his NRA endorsement. He refers to the landmark health reform law, which he once supported, as “Obamacare” and pledges to repeal the “bad” parts. And he desecrates the cap and trade bill, a priority for many of the environmentally conscious liberals in the party.

Critics of Manchin point out that as an NRA member, and posing as a sportsman/hunter, he should know better to not wear ear protection, eye protection, and hunter orange in hunting season while discharging a firearm outdoors. Veteran outdoorsmen and radio hosts Don Jordan, and Buddy Bill Moser in their show “Inside Outdoors” were quoted saying: “Besides shooting himself in the foot politically in terms of caring about the environment, his obvious lack of knowledge concerning these general rules of hunter safety is at the very least not the message he should be sending to the children of a state where hunting is still very popular. Hunting will still probably be popular for a few years yet, at least until all the mountain tops are removed for coal, and all the game is bulldozed into oblivion along with coal slag valley fill.” said Moser.

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One Response to Manchin advertisement and safety

  1. Mari-Lynn says:

    When I first saw this ad, I thought it was a negative ad by Raese. I could not believe it. Who is the campaign manager for Manchin and what is he thinking? WV deserves the best/

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