Mari-Lynn Evans officially becomes the 2010 West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year

October 4, 2010 by steve fesenmaier

Down in Number 5 – 2010 Film of the Year

Patrick Felton, press person for the 2010 film festival, send me the list of winners at this year’s festival which he believed was the strongest in years. He was also named the new president of the festival. The WV Filmmakers Guild will be taking over the festival in the future. Congrats to Patrick and all the Guild members and WV filmmakers for making it such a great festival in Sutton.

Winners were as follows:
Filmmaker Of The Year: Mari Lynn Evans
Documentary Short: Rock Haven (Rich Schmidt)
Documentary Feature: Out of the Blue (Raymond Schmidt)
Student Film: Displacement (Justin Litton)
Award of Excellence Clockdown (Jan Bazouschca)
10 Minute Film: Provident (Michael Sydenstricker)
Narrative Feature: My New Life (Kevin Rhoades)
Narrative Short: Down In Number 5 (Kim Spurlock)
Film of the Year: Down In Number 5
Audience Choice: My New Life

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3 Responses to Mari-Lynn Evans officially becomes the 2010 West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year

  1. Mari-Lynn says:

    I am really proud to be the WV Filmmaker of the Year. I am also proud of our new film, COALSTORIES, which premiered at the WVFF and will be on the COAL COUNTRY web site in a few weeks. Thanks, everyone.

  2. Walt says:

    What happened to the article in which you said Gov. Manchin sunbbed Mari at the award ceremony? I thought Mr. Felton’s response was prcise and to the point.

    On another matter, it appears that I am angering the powers to be with my remarks. Two articles have recently been removed from this site rather than post my comments. I thought this site was above this type of behavior and promoted balanced discussions, however it appears that I was wrong in my assumption. Coal Country’s only concern is discussions with like minded people. One last question. How can you solve the worlds problems when one refuses to listen and discuss the opposing viewpoints.

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