Appalachia Rising March on Washington – New video

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21 Responses to Appalachia Rising March on Washington – New video

  1. Mari-Lynn says:

    We covered both rallies and they were very different not only in message but in numbers. Appalachia Rising had thousands of people, over 100 arrests. At times it was like a homecoming for activists who had fought for years to make the event happen, but there was a deadly seriousness to their message. The pro coal rally was really wrapped around the politicans (many spoke from several states), while Appalachia Rising was focused on the coal field residents and their words. It is always great to see people from Appalachia speak their minds. Whatever their opinion.

  2. Walt says:

    Thousands of people. Where? The video showed 300-400 at the most, and over 100 of those were arrested. How many pro coal arrest were there? None.

    Didn’t you say the majority of West Virginians were against MTR. Where were all of at? You guys broought 300-400 from what 3 or 4 states.

  3. Holler Man says:

    I think you’re talking out the wrong hole, because your words continue to smell like a coal slurry pond. You know I’ve watched your unceasing rants about stuff, and it’s getting old. During the Pro-Coal rally, Governor Manchin showed up, as well as other politicians, probably flown out in a Massey jet. The numbers were over inflated, but there was no talk about that. No need. It’s all a bunch of hot air from overblown wallets anyhow. We know the score. We were there, and we took video. We know how many were at that pro-coal rally.
    Now at the Appalachia Rising rally, there were tons of people who came out, yes, from other states besides West Virginia. I don’t know too many poor people from WV that can afford taking time off what work they have, and traveling to Washington, staying in Washington hotels, and all. So that’s a weak argument about who showed up. And no, no pro-coalers were arrested. I don’t know of a single pro-coal person that would have stood in front of the White House asking Obama to keep his promise to the American people and go up against all this corruption fueled by coal. Nope, I don’t think there would be a single pro-coaler that would go to jail to protest the rape of the Appalachians. Rapists usually flee the detectives.
    Six years ago there were only about six people that came to Washington to protest. Now over a thousand. Wait until next year.
    Thank you Mari-Lynn Evans for making your film about the issue. By the way Walt, the film did seem pretty fair to me. People only complain it’s not fair when the truth mocks their view. I applaud the heros that put their bodies in front of the White House to let people know that we care about the mountains, and their people. No politicians showed up at that rally to make speeches, or talk about the issues. But I saw our big caring President drive right through and past the hood in Des Moines to a upper middle class white neighborhood, and the backyard of a church to “talk with the people.” What a bunch of corrupt bull crap. POSERS. This country is in a world of shit when it comes to politics, and Governor Manchin is the poster boy. What the heck are you so pissed about Walt, you’ve got most of the politicians in this country on your side! Go count your money like the rest of those creeps.

  4. Walt says:

    Holler Man,

    I’ll tell you what pisses me off. It’s when people like you who don’t know shit about consequences of what they’re trying to do. I’ve said it a half a dozen times, you need to develop energy sorces to replace coal before you ban coal mining. Apparently your to stupid to realize it, I guess you wouldn’t mind living without electricty, but others prefer to have electricty and running water for bathing sanitary reasons.

    When a flim is 90% anti coal, I’m sure every treehugger would think it was fairly balanced.

    HH…If you don’t want to hear the truth, then you won’t like my rants and if you don’t like what I have to say then may I suggest that you don’t READ THEM!

    If there were THOUSANDS in attendance, then I’m sure you would be more than happy to post pictures of them.

    I’ve heard you cry and whine about the rape of Appalachia for years now but you never cry and whine when they build 4 lane highways, or large shopping centers. You don’t complain about straight pipes (sewer) emptying into the streams, which run through out Appalachia. Why is that?

    All that tells me is that, you don’t give a crap about Appalachia. This is somthing you can do instead of actually working for a living.

    • Holler Man says:

      Such hostility. People like me? You don’t know me, Walt. You’ve just represented yourself here putting me in the same category with those you hate. It’s too bad that you have to call me stupid. Coal can and will be replaced. You’re living in the past. The film wasn’t anti-coal in my opinion. It just reflected the postitions of the coal industry and the people who have to live in it’s proxmity. If the fact that it looks 90% bad about coal, that’s not being against it on that film. If it was, there would have been narration, text, and some sort of speech about it. That the people that have been lied to, stolen from, that have to live in dust, dangerous water, explosions, reduced property values, etc., said something negative about it is simply the truth being told. That’s what documentary films do, Walt. I think evern the pro-coal French man in the film said that it was dirty. I can’t understand why you are so hateful of people like those in the film that don’t want to see their environment and lives destroyed.

      I dont’ mind your rants, there kind of humorous in their own way, and give fuel to the movement by showing the heart of those who want to see coal stay around. They are just getting old because you say the same thing every time, and your mind is closed to the future, and you don’t seem to care about the mountains, the people in them, or the global impact of coal and fossil fuels. If people like you would be a bit more respectful and considerate, and call for a change- that by the way, could happen within two years if it were supported by the Government, and the people – things might begin to change before it’s too late. But I don’t guess that will happen.

      Thousands? Listen to yourself. I said over a thousand. That doesn’t imply 5 thousand, or ten thousand. Maybe they will hire you as a Fox News researcher, or the National Inquirer with that kind of logic. If I’m correct I think I saw videos posted here. The numbers don’t matter, it’s the thought that counts. And with the pro-coal rally, Manchin and others were there. At the protest, no politicians showed up. It just goes to show how corrupt it all is. No matter. We’ve been through that before when we stopped the Vietnam War.

      And excuse me, I never cry and whine. I am involved in a campaign to stop a highway in my state that is not needed, but is slated (against popular opinion by a greedy Governor) to go right through pristine state forest. And I am not in favor of large shopping centers. Sewers in Appalachia? Do you mean illegal straight pipes from poor peoples homes? Or do towns do this? Sure I’d be against all that. But right now I’m interested in stopping the biggest scourge on Appalachia, Mountain Top Removal. I understand the rest will take time, but MTR is not needed, loses jobs for miners, and destroys the environment. Sorry you think that means that I don’t care about Appalachia. It just goes to show that you’re the kind of person that is responsible for all this to begin with. How much do they pay you to write on this blog?

  5. Citizen Harry says:

    Don’t bother Holler Man… Walt doesn’t give a crap about the tyranny of the coal companies, pollution, health concerns for Americans, nor the collusion of corrupt politicians in state or national arenas. He doesn’t care about the environment, or the future, or global warming… or the fact that his precious electric power grid won’t do him a bit of good when Western Civilization crumbles as the ice caps melt, and the seas and hurricanes overtake the port cities. He thinks that science is a liberal plot, and that everyone that disagrees with him is a “tree hugger”.

    I see he’s already called you “stupid’, and suggested that you don’t have a job. Be honored! I’ve been an distinguished member of Walt’s “Tree Man Hippie Hater Club” for quite a few months now! Now you’ve joined the ranks!

    • Walt says:

      Hey Comrade……What have you been smoking?

      Comrade you not a distinguished member…heck your the Imperial Potentate. lol

  6. Mari-Lynn says:

    Walt- Thousands of people came to Appalachia Rising, at their own expense, to demand an end to all MTR. Contrary to that rally, the coal industry paid for their few hundred “members” to come to DC. It was a striking difference. All I will say to you is to study our history, and remember the UMWA and the 350,000 coal miners who have died in the past century. Our history is one of how people with power and wealth have taken so much from our people and our land and left so little behind. That is why WV is one of the richest parts of America, but the people there among the poorest. Yet,we continue to keep our identity as Appalachians. In the last 4 years of filming I have seen the argument over MTR grow from the voices of Judy Bonds and Larry Gibson to a movement of thousands. When over 100 people (scholars, activists, historians, coal field residents, NASA scientists) get arrested in DC calling for an end to MTR—-something is happening.

    • Walt says:

      Mari, please explain to me. How can the coal industry be the cause of poverty in Appalachia, when they are the highest paying industry in Appalachia? Most coal companies are hiring daily, unfortunately the majority of the applicants cannot pass a drug test. Others would rather live off the Government and complain to everyone else that they have nothing.

      This anti mining campaign did not start four years ago. OHVEC was protesting mining back in the 90’s.

      Having people arrested during a protest does not mean something is happening. Why would you want someone to be arrested and have a black mark placed on their record, which will follow them for the rest of their life?

      • Mari-Lynn says:

        Walt- I will try to answer you to the best of my knowledge. Many historians, including John Alexander Williams and Ron Lewis, have done extensive work on the issue of poverty in the coal fields. It is a fact that while the land of Appalachia is among the richest in the country (coal, gas, timber) the people are among the poorest. The very poorest counties in America are the coal producing counties. Yes, wages can be high for miners but there are fewer and fewer of these jobs due in part to the mechanized MTR. Statistics show that in the late 1950-early 60, there were over 150,000 coal miners. Now there are less than 15,000 and only 3500 of those jobs are MTR jobs. The work is now being done by draglines and other machinery not by coal miners. The other reason for the poverty of the coal fields relates to the mono-economy of coal in these areas. In some counties in WV, over 80-90% of the mineral rights are owned by corporations , most based outside of Appalachia. Most (75%) of those mineral rights were bought before 1810 . Historically when people do not own their own mineral rights, there is never economic diversity. It is to the benefit of the mineral right owner to get rid of all the people. People get in the way of mining coal, especially MTR.
        I understand the anti MTR campaign did not start four years ago. It started four years ago with me personally, that is how long I have been documenting the issue. As for people being arrested, there is a long and proud history in our country of people practicing non violent protest. The Civil Rights Movement is only another example of people risking arrest and harassment to practice their right of free speech and to demand their freedoms. That movement changed the world, and the people are fighting to stop MTR are also trying to change their world.
        Even Randy Maggard noted in Coal Country that the protesters were “kicking our butts” and that was three years ago. I don’t think many would disagree with my personal assessment that the call to abolish MTR has become a movement .

        • Walt says:

          You still did not answer my question. Yes the mining industry as any other industry uses fewer workers today than they did 50 years ago. Coal companies are begging for workers, but like many in Appalachia they would rather live supstanard life off the government. Drugs are also playing a huge roll, and not just in the coal industry. Mangers of restaurants, department and grocery stores are have troble finding employees because applicants cannot pass a drug test, and most of the ones that do won’t show up for work.

          There are not that many dragline in operation. In 1950 coal was being mined by hand, with a lot of shoveling, drilling and dynamite conditions were a lot worse then than they are today. Is that what you want to get back to? Heck, with the technology we have today there’s not enough workers let alone going back to the ways of 1950’s.

          MTR does not take away from underground mining. MTR operation mine only the upper most seams, or seams that are geologically unminable by underground methods. Today there are nearly 40,000 coal miners and another 300,000 support jobs in Applachia. How does not owning mineral rights cause high poverty rates? The local people are the ones that work at the mines, and spend their money at local grocery stores, wal marts, car lots etc. There a lot more money staying in the area than what leaves the area.

          Personally, I think most people would disagree with you, most are in favor of mining.

    • Walt says:

      Mari, please explain to me. How can you blame the coal industry for Appalachia being one of the poorest regions in the nation? What would the poverty rate be without the coal industry? The coal industry is the highest paying industry in the region and they are looking to hire daily. The downside is that the majority of the applicants cannot pass the drug test, while others would rather live on government assistance and complain that they have so little.

  7. Walt says:

    HH….I see that in your little rant you avoided the question? I’ll ask one more time. The current adminstration and the EPA are trying to shut down not only MTR mining, but all surface mining and all underground mining operations. Nationally we receive 50% of our electricity from coal while Ky. , WV. and Ohio among others receive over 90% of their electricity from coal. If the EPA has their way coal could be eliminated within the next two years. With that being said, How do we replace coal as energy source? Today solar and wind combined only account for two or three percent of our energy. Even wind power experts admit that we are at least 25 years away from wind and solar being a big player.

    I asked serveral enviro’s this question and no one has given me an answer. Can you?

    If you have been keeping up with my rants, then you would know that I want the U.S.A. to be energy independent and I’m all for alterntive energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, bio, hydro and anyother sources that may be developed. However it is stupid to think that you can elimate half of you energy source without any other source to replace it.

    Yes you did say thousand, however several of the articles on the event stated thousands. As for Fox News they are the only ones that show both the left and the right views. Personally I like their motto “We report it and you decide”.

    With a name of Holler Man, I thought you would have lived in Appalichia. Which highway are you trying to stop?

    I was referring to residential sites that run their sewer into streams.
    Since when is it okay to run you sewer line into creeks if your poor?

  8. Jim says:

    I’ve been watching this blog, and want to say somthing about West Virginians. I don’t like that you said we are all drug addicts. We are not. Yea there is a lot of addiction, but you can find that in most poor areas of the country. And the coal mines make it easy to get on oxcotin because they dont want you to go to the doctor becuase it makes paper work that traced the amount of people that got hurt. The company don’t want that so they give you everything you want, and send you home. They want people to be on drugs cause they dont complain then.

    We don’t want to go back to the days of the old mines. No we don’t. And the new mines are no better. The coal company still screws you every way they can, and everybody knows it. You just cant say nothing because of your job. I think the holler man got it right when he said you probly get paid to write here. You sound like Don Blankenship him self. If you aint from West Virginia, just keep your mouth shut about implying that we are just drugged out hillbillys. Or bettrer yet, juest come down here to my part of the mountain, or whats left of it, and say it to my face. Youll get more than just a slick word or two from me guraranteed. We don’t want no city slickers telling us how we feel. The mines have ruined this state. We don’t have no money, and we live in fear and filth. How much do they pay for you to write here? Idiot.

    • Walt says:

      Jim…..Where did I say all West Virginian’s were drug addicts???? In my previous post I was talking about Appalachia in general. If you had bothered to actually read what was written you would not have come to that conclusion.

      If you really think that coal companies supply workers with drugs, then your the most foolish person on Earth.

      I wish the coal industry did pay me. BTW I’m from Eastern Kentucky, and there’s no difference between E. Ky, and Southern Wv.

      You should tell me where your part of the mountain is located, if you want me to come to your area.

      The coal and timber industries built this state, NOT RUINED IT!

      That’s right blame someone or anybody because your to lazy to go out and find a job. There are jobs in this area if you want them, but I guess you would rather live off the hard working tax payers.

      Do everyone a favor and go back to your cave. Imbecile.

  9. Mari-Lynn says:

    Walt: Perhaps you can explain to me why the people living in the coal fields are economically some of the poorest people in America. Following your logic/position, they should be able to send their kids to Ivy League schools and drive on roads paved with gold. If coal is so good for the region, why are coal field residents so poor. Why do they have less income, less education, poorer nutrition, increased rates of death (more than 500 more deaths a year happen in WV coal fields than in other areas of WV) and higher rates of cancer (brain cancer is very high in the region)? Where are the WalMarts in towns like Sylvester or Welch where coal reigned supreme? There is nothing left in those towns unlike Lewisburg or Shepardstown where there is no coal. Why is this happening? With all the huge profits being made by the coal industry and their management, tell me where you see the result of all that money in the coal fields? I see houses covered in dust, people dying of cancer, people living with no electricity or any luxuries. And people fighting to stop MTR. Again, I would ask you to look at polls and surveys (Ken Ward Jr just posted them again on Coal Tattoo) and realize that most people in WV DO NOT support MTR.

    • Walt says:

      Mari, Still avoiding the question I see, typical enviro?

      You ask why coal field residents are so poor? – First there are many hard working men and women in the coal fields, sadly there are many more that are more worried where their going to get the next fix. If a person is on drugs they do not need to be operating heavy equipment. Laziness is another reason, I know children that grew up on welfare, and now they are raising their families are government aid. Can you explain why they choose to live this life style?

      Many more kids could attend college, if they wanted to, unfortunately most parents do not prepare their childen for college. My wife who worked her way through college was the first in her family to obtain a degree, and my older sister was the first in my family to obtain a college degree (BTW my parents were disabled and we grew up on a fixed income).

      Are you trying to blame the coal industry for the eating habits of
      the Appalachian residents? Poor eating habits in children should be blamed on the parents wouldn’t you think. I’ve never seen anyone holding a gun on another to stop a the local fast food place, have you?

      How can exercise fanatics die of heartattacks while jogging?
      How can non smokers die of lung cancer?
      How can people smoke/chew for 80 years and not have cancer?
      It’s an amazing world we live in isn’t.

      Why do non coal areas have the same water problems that are found in coal mining areas? Yet, when these problems are found in the coal mining areas are blamed on coal mining itself?

      The best poll on coal mining that I’ve seen was the election held last month. It seems that your anti coal candidate didn’t fair to well did he, apparently over 83% of democrats prefer MTR.

  10. Jim says:

    Walt… You said that even department stores and groceries stores can’t find a decent person to work because of drugs. That seems to make me think that you think pretty much everybody here is on drugs. And there aint no Walmart in my town. Thank god they didnt come here and destroy what little buisness is left. And I don’t suspect it, I KNOW that the company provides prescriptions through doctors that are paid off. They send you home if you get hurt and give you time off. They dont want you to go to the hospital and make the paper work. Comon up to WV anytime and I’ll meet you down at the Walmart parking lot in Charleston. Just name the time. I wouldn’t let you anywhere near my family or mountain. Coal and timber played a part, but everyone I know got screwed by the company. You dont know what youre talking about, so its not a wonder that they dont pay you. I have a job. Who are you to say that I dont? You dont know me. I might be an imbecile but I pay my taxes and raise my kids right. I wont call you no names. It wouldnt stick no how becauee you are so slimy.

    • Walt says:

      You won’t call me names. Did you or did you not call me an “Idiot” and “slimy”? Who are you trying to fool?

      Think what you want, but the truth is you don’t know crap about the coal industry and how they operate, all you do is repeat the enviro’s spoon feed propaganda.

      Well, well so you have a job, more than likely you should thank a coal miner, because without the miner you wouldn’t have a job to go to.

      You hurt my feelings big guy, I thought we would visit with each other and maybe break bread together on your beauriful mountain.

  11. Jim says:

    I’m sorry Walt, but I had to go to work. I was home for lunch when I wrote this ealrier. My wife says that I should apologize to you for being angry at your words. She said it really is childish to get mad, and argue back and forth like spoiled children because neither one can win, specially when people shout hurtful things. So for my part I apologize for being mad, saying mean, and hurtful things, and hope you have a nice day.

  12. Citizen Harry says:

    Wow, as hot and heavy as this conversation got… Jim’s wife came through with the most sense! Maybe we should all learn a lesson, and make more progress if we didn’t use hurtful, and derisive speech to get our points across. I’m guilty of it, so I’ll rethink what I say in the future. Jim, go pick her some flowers if there are any left on your mountain! She seems like a gem!
    Citizen Harry

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