South Central Region Jail Officer Brutalizes Pregnant Prisoner

Monday, August 30th, 2010
posted by mat

Aug. 29th. Jacqueline witnessed a male Corrections Officer (CO) brutally attack a pregnant prisoner, unprovoked. The following is an account of the brutality as given by Jacqueline.

While being transported to church on Sunday, the female prisoner had stopped to make sure another inmate was making it out of the pod for church. While she was restrained with handcuffs for transport, a male CO slammed her head into the wall. She was then lifted off the ground, over the man’s head and thrown to the floor, where she was beaten some more. The woman that was attacked was still in the Medical Ward as of 10:00 p.m. The other prisoners have filed grievances against the CO, but have received no word of the victim’s medical condition. They fear she may lose her baby. At this point the prisoners of pods A-7 and A-8, Jacqueline’s pod and the victim’s pod, are refusing all contact with male COs.

We at Climate Ground Zero call for an immediate investigation by the Kanawha County, W.V. Prosecutor and all other relevant governmental agencies, and for charges to be filed against not only the perpetrator, but also any other jail employees who stood by and did nothing. The charges should also reflect that the CO not only beat an inmate, but her unborn child as well.

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