Vote to Help The Marsh Fork Elementary in the Coal River Valley


Marsh Fork Elementary is surrounded by an expanding coal mining operation, including a coal preparation plant using chemical scrubbers, a coal load-out silo 200 feet behind the school, and a mammoth coal waste dam containing 3 billion gallons of toxic sludge pointed directly at it from only 300 yards away. Coal dust covers the school’s playground and is present in all classrooms. After a six year effort to raise money to build a new school in a safe environment we are going to get our kids a new school. But our fundraising efforts are short of building a truly modern Leeds Certified school. The Kohl Cares money will provide the funds for LEEDS and a model school for our children, teachers and staff. In a depressed area that has never known anything but coal; a LEEDS Certified school will provide an educational tool that will teach our kids about renewable and clean energy and lift our community’s spirit in a way as never before, making our new school the hub of our community.

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2 Responses to Vote to Help The Marsh Fork Elementary in the Coal River Valley

  1. Mari-Lynn says:

    What is the status of Marsh Fork? The Annenberg Foundation was contributing $$$$$$ to make a new school happen.

  2. why is this school not being built if this Annenberg foundation was providing the funds to build it. I personally don’t think I would send my child to school there. Futhermore , if everyone pulls thier children from that school they may here your cry for help because the school will be loosing out on all that funding. Think about it take a stand God give you those children he can and will give you everything you need to provide for them even if you need to home school while they build your new school. Take a stand for your children.

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