Bikerfest Honors Fallen Coal Miner

You would have been lucky to find a seat at New Hope Church this morning as bikers and church members packed the pews and side aisles. In their eighth annual Bikerfest Weekend, 160 bikes filled the parking lot to take part.

Bikerfest provides an opportunity for bikers to come together, but it also gives them a chance to reach out to others.

“Every year we try to bring in a family so we can hopefully honor their son slash father, whoever it may have been, their sacrifice. Whether it be a veteran or in this case Pam Napper’s son Joshua who was killed in that coal mine explosion,” says Bikers for Christ elder Michael McGuire.

It was the day after Easter when Joshua Napper was killed in the West Virginia coal mine explosion. But it was Easter Sunday that changed his life, and that’s the story Pam Napper wants people to know.

“I want to get Josh’s testimony out there so everyone could hear what happened for Josh the day before the mine explosion, that he rededicated his life, and become whole with God again, and God took him home on that Monday after that explosion,” says Pam Napper.

When Bikers for Christ asked Pam to attend Bikerfest, she knew it would be an opportunity to share Josh’s story. She’s even talking about coming back next year.

“I’m going to be a part of this. That’s how much it’s touched my heart so i think it’s something Josh would want me to do too,” says Napper.
By: Brittany Shannon

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