Ashley Judd speaks on MTR

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2 Responses to Ashley Judd speaks on MTR

  1. bo says:

    Being in the same room with Ashley Judd as she spoke with such passion, emotion and truth about her love of Appalachia STOP MTR—it was an unforgetable moment. I hope you will alll see and hear her CSPAN talk at the National Press Club on June 9. She spoke to our love of home, our history, our very way of life. And the insanity of MTR on the land and people on Appalachia. The only purported argument, JOBS, has been proven to be a lie. They don’t even pay to mine, they take all the money and leave behind despair, devestation, and death. Only 2% of ALL Appalachians work for coal. MTR costs jobs, it takes jobs from miners. 100,000 miners and now 3500 on MTR sites? Who took your job? The coal company is the threat to your job not the community activists. Rise Up Appalachia and come to the sept 25 MArch on Washington DC to SAVE APPALACHIA and STOP MTR. When the miners died at UBB, reports were that miners at UBB were laid off. All that money and they lay off the miners who were left alive. What can you say

  2. walt says:

    How can you tell so many lies to these people and sleep at night? A study by Penn State showed that there are 11 jobs created for each coal miners job. There are nearly 45,000 direct coal mining jobs in Wva. and Ky. alone and if you use Penn States study, that means over 525,000 jobs rely on the coal industry, which is more the 2% you quoted. How is it they don’t pay to mine? Could you elaborate? The employees and suppliers make most of the money which stays in the region and helps the local economy. MTR does not take jobs away from underground miner this is just another lie the enviro’s promote because the truth will not help their cause. Surface mines especially MTR mines mine area that can not be acessed by underground methods.
    You guys are a laugh a minute, seriously do you expect people to believe that you are not trying to take their jobs, these people are not STUPID.
    ONCE again you’re agenda is clear, you tell everyone that this is a fight against MTR, by bringing up UBB you again are trying to stop all coal mining regardless if it is surface or underground.

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