NRDC ‘MUSIC SAVES MOUNTAINS’ event in Nashville, TN.

Coal Country producer Mari-Lynn Evans, and many people from the film, and production went to Nashville, Tennessee this week to attend the NRDC “Music Saves Mountains” concert, and a premier of “Coal Country” and “Deep Down” at the Belcourt Theatre, also in Nashville. It was pretty obvious that people are becoming aware of the horrific practice of mountain top removal. Many incredible musicians came together to show their support for the cause, and help bring it to the public eye.

Coal Country Music producer Jason Wilber also attended the event, to do interviews for his radio show “In Search of a Song”. We will be bringing you interviews from various musicians at the event concerning these issues in the near future. Here are some more photos from the event.

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3 Responses to NRDC ‘MUSIC SAVES MOUNTAINS’ event in Nashville, TN.

  1. Mike G says:

    This was a great event–both nights. The atmostphere in the Ryman on Wednesday night was “electric.” Everyone was loving the music—hard to say what was the best part for all—–many sure did enjoy Dave Matthews.

    For me–I loved hearing Parry Loveless doing her viersion of ” You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive”

    Since I have been getting much more involved in this issue–that song—always powerful—-just seems to have so much more power and meaning even though the lyrics of the song deal with an earlier chapter in the history of “King Coal”—the poignancy of that song speaks to the situation faced today by those who live with mountaintop removal coal mining.

    It was great to be part of this great event—here’s hoping that this will be only the first of a few such concerts and events–but not too many since the goal is to end the practice of MTR and events such as this won’t be needed for much longer.

    Everyday that goes past, the environment of many places and the lives of many people are damaged and destroyed by mountaintop remvoal mining.

  2. Walt says:


    You’ve said on many occasions that you are against harming the enviroment, yet you continue to travel by car which emit those awful pollunts. First you travel nearly one thousand miles to figure out that your against MTM, (when you already knew you were against it). Second you travel from Ohio to Nashville to event against MTM.

    What kind of enviro are you? Really, Isn’t it time to be honest with everyone?

  3. mari-lynn says:

    What a great event! We need to send these photos out to everyone!

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