DOSXX post about “Tree huggers”.

What these idiots fail to realize is that saving the earth is impossible. The Earth has been here for billions of years and will be here for billions more regardless of what we do. Humans do not have the capability of saving the earth, because there’s nothing to save…..except maybe in some kind of sci-fi kind of way. For example, like preventing a meteor from crashing into it. If that’s the case, then we need to continue using fossil fuels, if for nothing else but to create more powerful rockets and missiles that might one day actually save the earth from total annihilation. The movie Armageddon w/ Bruce Willis is such an example. It might sound rediculous, but maybe thats the whole point of our existance. The little hairless monkey known as man, might be more beneficial to the earth than the dinosaur….except of course for the actual fuels they were resposible for creating lol. So there ya go tree-huggers, U R actually getting in the way of saving the earth. If the BP oil spill is any indication of the amount of oil that is actually still in the earth, then Id say our fossil fuel inventory is in great shape.

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2 Responses to DOSXX post about “Tree huggers”.

  1. Citizen Harry says:

    Idiots? I’d be careful who you call “idiots”, if the shoe fits…don’t write a post that’s frames you as one.

    We are talking about saving HUMANS. Not the Earth. You’re right the Earth is quite capable of healing itself. We’re talking short term here, and about our immediate future.

    Also about treating God’s creation with dignity, care, and respect. Something that directly impacts our lives both now and in the future. And more importantly, our grandchildren.

    If the BP oil spill is ok with you, or your spelling, then you’ve inadvertently just proved a different point. You’re the idiot.
    Citizen Harry

  2. Mike G says:

    I agree with the response of Citizen Harry—-we are talking about the quality of life of human beings and the planet that we share with all kinds of other living things.

    If we are really a species that are supposed to love our creator and “His” incredible handiwork—-then we would be more kind to this place we live—like we have only been given one life—we were only given one planet to live on—it might be possible one day for many of our race to leave it and go elsewhere–but right now–that is what is really science fiction.

    We might at some point come to build a “starship” like the Enterprise from Star Trek or one that “jumps” through space like the Battlestar Gallactica–or we create or “capture” and make use of a worm hole—-but if we don’t stop pollutiing and destroying our home–the human race won’t live long enough—or at least live well long enough to ever develop those sorts of technologies.

    But then–it begs the question—-if we were poor stewards of this planet—just because we could go out to seek out new worlds—-would we have earned the right and deserve to go out to find new worlds?

    When it comes to the earth—the archeological record pretty much shows that many forms of life on the planet have come and go–and after we are gone the way of the dinosaurs and other species—–and we are no longer dumping all the crap we do–or blasting away mountains–in the long term time scale of the Earth–it will heal itself and new life forms will evolve with no signs of us after a mere geologic blink of the eye of a few million years after our passing– it will be like we were never here.

    The real question is—what kind of life and world do we want now–and for those future generations of humans and the other creatures of this planet??

    Do we consign them to a world that it is ever harder to scratch out a living since everything is so mucked up—or do we want to make things workable for them?? Do we want to just destroy creation or do we want to leave things better than we found it???

    We aren’t doing that now—–and I say folks—-as a species—we had better pray there is really God—-collectively—we have a lot to answer for to “Him” since we are quite clearly not very good stewards of the world he gave us.

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