Don Blankenship and his “friend” Chief Justice Spike Maynard on vacation in Monaco


In my opinion, Don Blankenship is evil personified. He fought the violations instead of fixing what was wrong.

Citizen Harry  2010/04/08

I feel sorry for Don Blankenship. What an incredible horror his life must be.  How can he sleep at night? It must be that pillowcase full of  soft money banknotes that he fills up daily from the coal coffer.

This just sickens me. Just goes to show that mountains of cash are more important that mountains, or miners.

HELLOGIRL  2010/04/08

I am for the miners. Why does everyone think that the “tree huggers” are against them? I’m so tired of this rhetoric about how if you’re for green energy, you are against America. Don Blankenship finally is being shown for what he is.  Lower than a snake.

Don Blankenship is a true Amerecan. He is bringing yor lights on. Get over it. Miners take they’re chanses just like everyone else. Im sorry for the famlies but they shoud be proud like someone who died at war.

This is a sad time for everyone in the coal river valley. We mourn those miners who lost their lives. And we expect that an investigation will determine what role played by the many safety violations of that mine. Two violations that very morning.
Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for my brother who was with the Mine Rescue Team.
Please visit our home page and find out how to contribute to the miner’s families and this community.
We will be posting video from the site tomorrow. Jordan has been filming since Monday and we will have some exclusive interviews with former miners discussing Massey’s safety record.

Carrie Anne 2010/04/08
Earl 2010/04/08

Don Blankenship is a true Amerecan. He is bringing yor lights on. Get over it. Miners take they’re chanses just like everyone else. Im sorry for the famlies but they shoud be proud like someone who died at war.

but at what cost? When are people going to stop and say “NO”. those men shouldnt have died for his greed. Do you really think he cares about those miners? He’s too worried about when the mine is going to reopen and the men can get back to work. He should be held responsible for his actions and I feel he should be put in jail for the deaths of those miners. Not one of them should have died-NOT ONE!

I appreciate your comments. I do want to stress to you that I believe that the miners and those who oppose MTR both only want the best for WV. You both want good jobs, a healthy environment, and a mine company that runs its operations by putting safety first. I hope you can see that both you and someone like Chuck Nelson both want the same thing—safety and the best working conditions possible for miners. Again, we are all mouning the loss of those wonderful, proud WV miners.

The response by Massey, and Don Blankenship is completely criminal in my opinion. There obviously is no attitude of trying to keep people safe, just to remove as much black gold as possible in the shortest amount of time. I hope Senator Byrd helps get Blankenship held personally responsible for this disaster.

It does seem that in spite of Don Blankenship’s words in his speech at that Labor Day Rally last year, he just gives lip service to caring so much about the safety of miners—-it is obvious he doesn’t really have much concern for them since his company continued to ignore warning after warning that the conditions down there were unsafe.

We do need things like coal mining—at least for now–and we do need to be smart in starting to transform our energy sources from fossil fuels to other forms since at some time fossil fuels in all forms are going to become played out.

I also would hope that those who operate business would adopt a different ethic—not one of simply making money and concern only with the bottom line–but to also put into the mix, concern with operating their businesses in ways that best serve all aspects of the world—being concerned with leaving as light a footprint on the environment as possible, having good and safe working conditions for employees and paying people decently to boot.

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  1. The world has always gone through natural and man-made disaster.
    We value all human life.

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