Guess who wants to come to your funerals, West Virginia? The Westboro Baptist Church.

Jan. 15, 2006, memorial service was held at the West Virginia Wesleyan College chapel in Buckhannon for the 12 miners who died in the Sago Mine tragedy, Westboro pickets carried signs stating: “Thank God for Dead Miners,” “God Hates Your Tears” and “Miners in Hell.”


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4 Responses to Guess who wants to come to your funerals, West Virginia? The Westboro Baptist Church.

  1. babz says:

    Holy Vulgar Christians! Someday they are gonna piss off the wrong people!

  2. Wow, it would be really bad for the infamous Westboro Baptist Church protesters from Topeka, KS to come to WV. Check out the Counter Protest section of the Wikipedia profile of the Westboro Baptist Church (aka the Westboro Hate Cult). A lot of folks are getting wise to them and have developed clever ways to neutralize the hate they spout at their so-called protests. For example, when they protest at the funerals of our fallen soldiers, the Patriot Guard Riders seek out the Westboro hate cult (WHC) and surround them with their Harleys and rev the engines to drown out their hate speech. Counter protesters now routinely show up wherever the WHC announces they will be and surround them with bed sheets and/or blank posters to block their messages from the grieving families of the fallen. Two days after the Sept 11th attacks a counter protester named Jared Daily showed up at the Westboro Baptist Church with a big sign that said, “Not today, Fred.” Within two days, 86 people joined Jared.

    The real faithful who believe in God’s mercy and love can use these examples to peacefully and courageously neutralize the publicity seeking media hounds of the WHC. It is something tangible that can be done for the WV families who are devastated by the loss of their loved ones to the terrible mine disaster.

  3. Steve says:


  4. These comments give true christians a bad name. Although I am against mountaintop removal and Massey, I have prayed for these miners and their families,loved ones, and friends. God says to love your neighbor and that is what I try to live. PLEASE do not think that all people are like this. May God give y’all peace during this very bad time. Deborah

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