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5 Responses to Factbook

  1. Randall Maggard says:

    I don’t think it is ethical to post ” Photoshopped ” documents or photographs even if it’s supposedly satire. In the film the producers filmed a blast on our operation then went straight to clip of a lady who lives 75 miles away saying how her house and the earth shook. Implying the blast just observed on the screen was the blast that supposedly shook the lady’s house. The nearest residence to the blast filmed on our operation was less than a half mile away with NO complaints.
    All well, when we put in all those biomass and chip mills to fuel renewal power plants they will cut down the trees too.
    By the way it appears that forest had been clear cut before, I don’t see any trees that are more than forty years old.

    Token Coal Guy,

  2. Citizen Harry says:

    Whah! Whah! Whah! I want my mommy! Whah! Whah!!!

    • Randall Maggard says:

      Citizen Harry,
      I’ll mark my calender to see who is saying “Whah,Whah ” after this fall’s election.

      Token Coal Guy

  3. Citizen Harry says:

    Jesse Ventura for President! Get rid of the Democrats AND the Republicans.
    Take back the government for the people, and not for big money interests.


  4. Walt says:

    Citizen Harry,

    Aren’t you a little to old to be crying for mommy?

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