Dear Randy Maggard,
I’ve been watching this blog for many months, and had a chance to see the movie, and I live in Appalachia. You fit the mold, Randy…the mold in my basement. I’ve seen this kind of rhetoric from people in power for many years in the past presidential administration. But let’s just talk about your tone.

Instead of trying to be a learned spokesman for the coal company you work for, you vent your anger very strongly. This shows not restraint, and educated debate, but emotional turmoil. It’s been pretty hilarious really. You don’t come off as someone who really cares about all the issues being brought up, but a spokesman for your company that has a LOT to lose if MTR was stopped. You call yourself an outdoorsman, and lover of nature. Yet you NEVER mention any comment about that in relation to destroying a mountain’s pristine condition. You are a hippocrite. The definition of hippocrite. I’m looking forward to your response that will probably come from a place of anger, and putting me down. Keep it up, as it is not doing your cause any good, and helping the rest of the world see what is really at stake here. Big Money.

Dear Randy,
My name is Hillary, proud wife of Dale. We wanted to make sure you saw that a husband and wife living in the Appalachians are really upset that you would defend what you do in such a confrontational way. I can understand underground mining, and maybe even your comments as a miner. But your way of putting us down is not working, and shameful.

Mountain top removal is a scourge on the world, and any person that has a conscience would think so too. I work trying to help the poor, alcoholic and drug addicted of West Virginia. My advice to you is that you should see a therapist. Maybe someone professional should help you see that your addiction to nasty remarks to people that are trying to stop a war on their health, community, and natural environment are dangerous, vindictive, and hurtful to yourself and others. Please do the rest of us in West Virginia a favor, and don’t pretend to speak for us, or our jobs. It’s just stupid. We all know how the coal companies have stripped the land, taken jobs away, busted the unions, and left most of the state in ruin. If we continue to listen to people like you, Randy, we will have no future for our children, no land to love, no water to drink, and more crime from addicted people that can’t make ends meet. You are the antithesis to Americana. You represent the “Robber Barons”, they control you, and you are asleep at the wheel. (Robber baron is a term revived in the 19th century United States for businessmen and bankers who dominated respective industries and amassed huge personal fortunes, typically by anti-competitive or unfair business practices. The term may now relate to any businessman or banker who used questionable business practices to become powerful or wealthy.)

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