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Here’s something to get you environmentalist’s (and thinking people) all pissed off. You know the story of Big Coal blasting and bullying it’s way to sky high profits at the expense of children. “Coal Country” is a new doc that looks into the truth about modern coal mining in Appalachia. It focuses on the process of mountaintop removal mining, the families it destroys, the rivers it pollutes, even the mountains it levels. The story is told by both working miners and activists, and whatever side you come down on, one point cannot be argued: coal generates half of this country’s electricity.

That’s right, that old worn out dinosaur poop is still number one in big energy. As author Jeff Goodell (Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Energy Future) said, “our shiny white iPod economy is propped up by dirty black rocks.” And that means it’s not going anywhere soon.

“Coal Country” premiered on Discovery Networks’ Planet Green over the weekend (my bad I got caught up in Beatlemania) but you know how cable programming works, it re-airs every week through December including this week Thursday, November 19 at 10:30 pm.

It’s also a country album, called Coal Country Music featuring the likes of John Prine, Natalie Merchant, Bonnie Raitt, Diana Jones, and the genius Willie Nelson – who performs Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ In the Wind.” The album is a collection of music inspired by Appalachian Mountains and the important place they’ve played in American history and music. A place that is literally being blown away.

You must dig Woody Harrelson’s quote on the album, bless his crazy heart:

“Mountaintop removal is the most devastating peacetime activity in human history — in fact, if the destruction to our nation’s natural and cultural heritage were being perpetrated by a foreign power, it would be considered an act of war — because in a very real sense, it is — it is a war against the Earth. Every week, mountaintop removal coal-mining detonates more explosive force on the land and the communities of Appalachia than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima; to extract the coal that is warming the planet and poisoning the water, air and land.”

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2 Responses to Article from IFC.COM

  1. Randy Maggard says:

    The main thing poisoning our planet is Woody Harrelson’s movies ( remember ” Natural Born Killers “) and his crusade to get us all to grow Pot ( remember his arrest in KY for planting some seeds ). Wow, he’s a real authority about things he knows absolutely nothing about , well except for the ” pot stuff “. He’s just another one of the rich celebrities that jets around the world and likes to spout off bull…. that doesn’t practice what he preaches except for probably the pot stuff.
    What gives him ANY credibility on the subject but his being famous and the liberal press…..
    Any comments??????


  2. Citizen Harry says:

    Again, I’m so tickled how you jump right in and do what you accuse everyone else of doing. Not checking the facts. For one thing, Woody Harrelson is a “movie actor”. If we accused every “movie actor” of having bad integrity because of their roles in film, where would Clint Eastwood be? Or Jack Nicholson? Or George Clooney? Gary Sinese? Tom Hanks? Uma Thurman?

    I suppose you only want actors doing roles that make sense to you, and your conservative agenda. You’d have them banned. Probably books, too. The Beatles. Playboy. Get rid of it all, right?

    Well, there’s another role that Woody played… Larry Flynt. Personally, I don’t like Hustler Magazine, and it’s not something I’d want my kids to experience while they were young. But I would fight to the death for his right to publish it. That’s what the movie was about. The right to express yourself in art form, even if others don’t agree with your art. It’s simple, just don’t buy it.

    Maybe you should re-read the Constitution. It gives us all the right to free speech, and that covers the right to protest.

    And about the marijuana… I don’t smoke it myself. I tried it when I was a kid, but I thought that it made me ‘stupid’. I don’t like feeling that way. But there are plenty of people that it seems to help, as far as medical reasons, and it’s certainly better as a recreational drug compared to alcohol. So Woody had words about the positive nature of the substance, and more about the horrible way it’s criminalized in this country while things like tobacco, and alcohol are allowed. He had words about how we ought to really have freedom in this country to make our own decisions. That’s what the ‘pot’ thing was all about, Randy.

    And one more thing. The native Americans have been trying to grow hemp on their reservations (sovereign land), to create an income in a deeply poverty stricken society. Especially since the government made them stay on some of the most barren ground in the continental US. But the DEA, FBI, US Marshals Service, and the Northern Plains Safe Trails Task Force brought in automatic weapons, helicopters, etc., to stop them. All on their “sovereign” lands.

    So before you spout off your mouth, you ought take a look at what you’re really saying.
    -Citizen Harry

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