San Francisco Premier


Panel Discussion after the Premier at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Brunch with Annie Sprinkles in San Francisco


On Annies back sun/fog deck with Mari-Lynn, Phylis, and Chuck Nelson


“Jerry’s Kids” Bryan Martens, and Jordan Freeman at Annies brunch- all the way from Iowa and West Virginia!


Group pic 1 at Annies brunch in San Francisco


Group pic 2 at Annies Brunch in San Francisco


Annie Sprinkles wearing her dress in preparation for their marriage  to the Earth at Wavy Gravy’s Hog Farm that weekend. Annie is a wonderful person, and committed  to caring for the Earth in her  own way… with love of all people, and our planet
as her watchword. We thank her for her hospitality, and efforts
to spread her love.

At Saratoga, at the Paul Masson Mountain Winery after the John Prine concert with Jason Wilber, and Coal Country webmaster Rich Reardin. Jason and Rich are partners in a radio program called “In Search of a Song” which interviews world class musicians about songwriting. Jason plays lead guitar with John Prine,  and is one of the producers of the companion CD called  “Coal Country Music”



jk 1

Jerry’s Kids tear it up at the Pioneer Saloon soon after the fabulous reception by Earth Justice at the San Francisco Premier of Coal Country at the SFMOMA. “Jerry’s Kids” members came from as far away as Iowa, Reno, and Sebastapol in support of the film premier, and  stopping mountaintop removal.

jk 2

jk 3

jk 4

jk 5

jk 6

jk 7

jk 8

jk 9

jk 10

jk 11

jk 12

jk 13

jk 14

jk 15

jk 16

9-28-09 California 014
Guy and La
Rich’s daughter Julia sings “Paradise” in Santa Cruz before the Premier.


Rich and Adam Darriau at the Premier, Matt Darriau is Adam’s brother from “The Klezmatics” who donated a track to the “Coal Country Music” CD. The track is called “Heaven” and written by Woody Guthrie. The Klezmatics earned a grammy by writing music to lost songs of Woody Guthrie from the Woody Guthrie archive.

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